Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Guides for a Healthy New Years Body: Weight Loss, Recipes, Exercise and More

You revamp and organize you home (see: guides for organizing your everything) for the new year; but it's equally important to streamline and care for our bodies! You only get one, it deserves the best food and care possible. I've worked in a commercial raw vegan kitchen for three years and I'm currently enrolled in nutritional herbalism and master herbalism courses. I'm extremely passionate about learning the inner working of our bodies down to a cellular level and giving it the optimum fuel. I love creating like crazy and staying busy as hell. You, too, have a never-ending list of things to accomplish. We need healthy bodies and minds to keep at it.

Spent three hours yesterday testing my menu for my class at Green Lotus Studios today from 6-9. E-mail if you'd like more details. I'll be teaching a couple of classes a month. Going with an asian theme for this month. 

For everyone who's trying to lose weight, alleviate pain, eliminate blemishes, get toned, improve concentration/creativity and overall get healthier, I have many posts coming for you. For now, here are all the guides you may have missed over the years.

Personal Weight Loss Stories

Weight Loss Tips / Detox


Healthy Raw Vegan Recipes

Budget Healthy Eating

Yummy/Healthy Teas and Drinks

The Raw Vegan 101 

Raw Vegan 101: Preparing Easy, Healthy, Damn Delicious Living Meals
Vegan Feasting: My Go-To Vegan Websites and Recipes

Raw Vegan 101 5 Part Series

Part 1)
 What is it and Why is it Good for You? + Another Raw Info Post
Part 2) My Raw Routines and Tips to Stick to It
Part 3) 
Essential Raw Vegan Tools, Books, and Resources 
Part 4) Pantry Staples for Creating any Dish you Crave Rawfully
Part 5) Adding More Raw Healthfulness to Your Diet on the Cheap
Extra) Straightening Out Misconceptions and My True Mission


Buyer Beware: Organic/Healthy Lifestyle Gimmicks That "Got Me". Nutritional Blood Analysis and Essential Oil

And of Course...

5 Tips to Truly Stick to Your New Years Resolutions: Program Them!

I'll be writing more about herbalism, natural body care and more in the coming months. This is something I can easily see myself taking clients for into the future, over a year from now when all my medical school is done, of course! It's incredibly rewarding to help people detoxify their bodies, heal, consistently stay properly nourished, and harness their full potential. If you need help or have any questions at all don't be shy, e-mail me.

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