Friday, January 16, 2015

Thrift Wish List 2015: Unique Art, Kitchen Goodness, Mid Century Modern Furniture

For years now I've taken The Compact, a vow to Buy Nothing New and only shop second hand for most needs. (I've written tips on starting your own here and 12 reasons why I chose to buy nothing new, too). Everyone has their own exceptions and I've allowed a new purchase or two, especially when I've been hunting for years and haven't been able to find what I needed second-hand. After making some plans to clear out some final bits of clutter I feel confident allowing myself to do some thrifting soon, but I'm setting strict rules!

I haven't allowed myself to thrift for months because I was incredibly frustrated with the process. It was time to pause, re-assess. I wanted my home in "perfect" shape before I started replacing pieces and I think I'm close to ready. Below is my Thrift Wish List for 2015, bits I'll search for when I get back to the hunt:

[From HiBrowModern on Etsy. Would love a lounge like this.]

1. Tall Industrial or MCM Bar Stools: I have a very tall built-in bar between my kitchen and living room that I'd love to use for serving, but conventional retail stools are too short.  If I don't find some I'll go with the original plan of custom-making something.

Cheap Food Processor: For making raw vegan cheeses or crusts, doesn't have to be too fancy. Right now I use my Vitamix for everything but it's not ideal.

Jars: For my growing herb and spice collection. I'll continue to get more massive and beautiful. Extra points for matching jars but it's no big deal. Easy to find at yard sales, especially.

Mid Century Modern Lounge Chair: Would be fun to find a nice, light, industrial or Mid Century Modern reading chair to replace our current one.

[This exact cabinet would be perfect, exactly what I seek! via Vintage ReBop]

Curio Cabinet, Small Preferable: A small glass situation to keep my collections safe. I had to sweep up two of my favorite glass pieces in the past month! Shared apartment woes! (They've been set aside to make mixed media pieces. Sigh.) One like the one above would be PERFECT. If I can't find something like it, would love to try to make one just like it.

Tackle Boxes/Organizing Things: I have tons of smalls and little supplies that could use some pedantic organization. I'm excited to get work on mixed media piece making!

[I need ALL the baskets and jars and organizing things. via MDQuality Goods]

Industrial Baskets: For organizing. And selling.

Industrial Signs: Fun ones to keep. And Sell.

[I love kitschy signs as art. Want this one! Every day should be Halloween. via OhioPicker]

Unique Art: When it comes to acquiring new things I think practically. Will it be hard to move to a future place? Will it be hard to clean? Is it a cluttery knick-knack that prevents good "energy flow" in the home? Artwork always fits the bill. Easy to move, inspiring to display.

Window Box Planters: I want to grow from my 2nd floor apartment windows. Not sure if it's possible to attach window boxes yet but I want to try.'

[via zinandbert]

Beautiful Pottery Planters: Only the best! None of the rest.

Interesting Toys/Bits: For mixed media artwork.

Interesting T-Shirts/Vintage Clothes: I may be working on vintage/up-cycled clothing this year. I'm starting with outfitting myself and some individuals to see how I like it before diving in. I'll write a lot more about this soon.

Cannot Buy Under Any Circumstances (Hard, So Hard to resist):

  • Beer Steins
  • Ceramics
  • Vintage Kitchenware
  • Mugs
  • Glass knick knacks
  • artwork to sell
  • most large objects

I adore my current apartment and intend to stay here for a long time, but I don't want to be tied here, or anywhere. I want to lighten my load and continue to accumulate as little as possible. I don't want heavy and hard to move things in particular. I want to feel light and location independent. I love that the yard sales, Goodwill by-the-pound store, flea markets, and thrift stores are here as resources to help me source good quality household needs and find beautiful objects along the way for less.

What will you be hunting for second-hand this year? Any lists of your own or must-find items?
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  1. An inexpensive portable record player - then records of choice to go with it. A rain jacket and some good hardly worn shoes. I found one great pair this year and would love to find more. A large urn to put in the corner of my dining room. I don't need much - I have gone to the thrifts a couple of times this year and left with nothing (difficult I tell you) as don't want to bring home things I don't need :) I love that glass cabinet you want to find - I have never seen one like that. I hope you find it!

    1. Oh I forgot about an inexpensive portable record player. I sold my big one and can't listen to my small record collection. I have them photographed to sell, wouldn't mind a record player for listening to them in the meantime! The glass cabinet came right out of my mind, shocked it exists. If I don't find it I'll comission some help making it. I like how small/light it is.

  2. This is a good list! I've been looking for a few furniture pieces and other things since we moved into this house 2 1/2 years ago that I still haven't found. It's hard to be patient, and in some cases we did go ahead and buy new things from IKEA or wherever, ultimately because we had to sit somewhere haha. I'm excited for spring to hurry up and get here so that people start having yard sales again.

    You might try hitting up some estate sales for the jars and tackle boxes. I see lots of them, frequently in mass quantities. At one estate sale, we saw shelves and shelves of mason jars and all different types of unique looking glass jars in the basement. At the time, we were living in a tiny apartment and looking to move in the near future (so we had no place to store extra stuff to use in projects "someday" and we also didn't really need more fragile items to pack). I still wish I'd bought some though!

    1. Yeah I feel you on IKEA. I bought an expedit unit out of desperate need to store biz stuff in a small apartment. Sometimes you gotta make do. The estate sales is a good ideas for the jars and tackle boxes, you're right, they're always out back in the shed.

  3. I'm a thrift show and yardsale queen. Love what you've posted.

    1. Thanks Teena. I took a long break to declutter, but now I need clutter...keepers, haha :D

  4. Great List !!!! I want any (heck all of them) the vintage lady bust figures by napco, relpo and Inarco and PYREX!!!! Any Vintage Pyrex Pinks, Blues, Yellows, Reds and pretty greens..... I am obsessed with finding these! Oh an ANY vintage canister or canister sets and salt and pepper shakers I LOVE them all..... Hello my name is Sandra and I am a second hand addict.

    1. I love those vintage lady bust figures, my mom collects them. Thanks for stopping by Sandra :D

  5. Oops forgot to mention I saw you on the blog team at Etsy and invite you to participate in my monthly giveaway. Great way to get more exposure for you.Not for artists only

  6. I need a cabinet like the one with the wire baskets in my life. Badly.

    1. Indeed, agreed :P Would love those for organizing all my supplies!


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