Monday, January 5, 2015

Thrift Core, 2015: Survey Results, Posting Schedule, Plans, Priorities and What's to Come...

Are you pumped for the fresh slate a new year represents? Ready to tackle all the goals and dreams you didn't accomplish the years before? The deadlines may be arbitrary but they really help me get my ass in gear. Here are a few of my plans and priorities for Thrift Core and my business into 2015:

My refreshed office space. Will share more on minimizing/decluttering/interior desing/re-arranging soon.

Post Schedule: I'll post every other weekday January, 2015. This may change in the months to come.

I was surprised that my survey results (you can still take the survey here) leaned more toward posting every other weekday, three days a week. (It was almost split in half with posting every week day.) This has been suggested for years now by friends, family and some readers. It's very hard to post detailed, informative content daily along with running an antique mall booth, online shop and much more. I'm going to post every other weekday in January and see how it goes. This will give me more time to right high quality, helpful content and make it easier for readers to catch-up on posts.

Topics: Not too much will change. My focuses will be...


  • Being productive
  • Stimulating the Creative Brain
  • Organic Body Care
  • Herbalism/Aromatherapy
  • DIYs
  • Gardening
  • Food


  • Home Tours
  • Before/After Series
  • Interior Design Info
  • Collectors/Collections
  • Home Budgeting
  • My Home Transformation Series, 2015


  • Practical home DIYS
  • Easy, fast DIYS
  • Upcycled Projects
  • Progress reports with my art projects
  • Progress reports with my photo projects


  • Studio Tours
  • Music Muse Series
  • Travel Muse/Inspiring Places
  • Kitschy Places
  • Mid Century Modern 
  • Indie Biz spotlights
  • Personal goal updates
  • Indie Biz Tips

  • Music Muse
  • Biz update
  • Movies
  • Link Love/favs
  • Book reviews

    The Thrift Core Mission: To Help You Live a Happy, Healthy, Creative Life Outside the Status Quo

I'm so inspired to write, it's torture to hold back at one post every other day, but hopefully it will help improve and be consistent in the long run. We'll try this out for a month and follow up next month with a revise schedule if things change.

Personal Projects: This year I plan to schedule things -really- well and stick to it to stay productive and on top of multiple projects! I'll explain more later but I'll be editing/shooting photos for a natural lifestyle magazine, continuing my master herbalism education and teaching raw vegan classes for Green Lotus Studios. I'm also launching an 100% natural body care line, gardening, business! It's exciting times!

I also plan to launch informative eBooks and programs to help resellers and indie business owners. I continue to offer Advertising and partnership programs into 2015. I hope you'll keep checking back all year, I have a lot planned and putting my all into it. I feel the learning and growth already.

/Comments Off for today while I focus on getting some much-needed organizing done and go to a business meeting. E-mail me if you have any questions. This year I plan to post actively onInstagram, Facebookand Twitter, so check out my adventures there as well.
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