Saturday, January 17, 2015

How to be an Explorer of The World: Week 2 of 5

Results of last week's explorations:  It rained most of the time last week, preventing me from completing the "daily walks" prompt, but otherwise, I'm glad I made these prompts public and accountable. It forced me out of the house when I was enjoying a writing job so I could go out and enjoy the rare, sunny weather.  It was fun to play with composition, too. The "childhood collection' shot with the soda can actually looks like a scene from my childhood! The ribbon looks exactly like cheap necklaces I'd wear (it was, after all, the 90s), I was addicted to coke and always running around in the woods collecting moss, flowers, etc.

Week 2: Explorations 11-20

Exploration #11) Differences

Collect multiples of one thing (such as leaves, stones, shells, seeds, etc.). Lay them out in front of you. Observe them in detail. Using the "object log". List the differences you see. Try to document at least twenty-five things.

Page quote: The imagination needs moodling- long, inefficient happy idling, dawdling and puttering. - Brenda Ueland

Exploration #12) Fifty Things

Write down (or document) fifty things about one of the following: A trip to the library a trip to the grocery store, a walk in your neighborhood.

Page quote: Before familiarity can turn into awareness the familiar must be stripped of its inconspicuousness; we must give up assuming that the object in question needs no explanation. However frequently recurrent, modest, vulgar, it may be t will now be labeled as something unusual. -Bertold Brecht

Exploration #13) Collecting Type

Document lettering you find out in the world. Take notes about where and when you found the samples.

Exploration #14) Sound Map

Sit in a location for one hour. Document all the sounds you can hear and the times you hear them. Mark the approximate location of the sounds in relation to you on a map.

Exploration #15) Consumer

Record everything you consume or everything you purchase in one day/week.

Source: Kate Bindaman-Burt

Exploration #16) Survey

Create a simple survey of at least five questions. Give it to a sampling of people. Document the answers in a way that is interesting and readable. (For instance, as a graph, spreadsheet or pictogram.)

Exploration #17) Instant Sculpture

Consider that everything around you is a source for sculpture. Try  making quick pieces using whatever you have around you in the moment.

Exploration #18) Structure

Document part of building(s) that most people ignore. (Examples include the ceilings, bathrooms, corners, closets, and the insides of drawers). Pay attention to the hidden places. Alternate: document the corners of your home.

Exploration #19) Found "Paint"

While on your travels, come up with as many things as you can find to use pigment (adding water if necessary). Some examples include crushed berries, mud (using different kinds of dirt), crushed leaves, spices.

Alternate: Document an experience using stains.

Exploration #20) Small Thoughts

Make a list of placid small thoughts you have throughout the week (For instance, what were you thinking just now?)

Excited to get out and explore today after our new washer/dryer is delivered!  /Comments Off
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