Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Guides For Organizing Your "Everything": Home, Schedule, Money, Cleaning, LIFE!

I'm in a constant state of minimizing, purging, streamlining, list-making and improving. I adore starting out the new year or season by writing a detailed organization series. This year I've re-arranged, sold, donated and streamlined. I photographed a lot of the process but realized...I've written all of this already many times before. And I still stand by most of these posts. I'll squeeze some more out of the topic and write some more bits I didn't cover, like digital organization, current apartment tour and future plans, but otherwise, it look like mission's accomplished! For now!

Peruse the following guides for loads of information for getting organized. Streamline your home, money, closets, prevent clutter, and more:

Personal Fav:

Checklists / Good General Guides

Closet / Wardrobe





Thrifters Decluttering Series (Old as HELL but you may find some help in there.)


Now Get to Cleaning and Organizing, You! I will of course, share more guides into the future. I'm always working on this!  

/Comments Off E-mail me if you have any questions. Stalk my random adventures on InstagramFacebook and Twitter. I'll be running around doing client product photos and other things today. Always tons to do! It's been crazy busy without much income but I love it, I'm learning a lot and feeling alive. Can you believe this post alone took over two hours because I had to dig through years of archives? Dayum! Everything takes forever when you run an indie business. Next, I need to find ways to speed things up.
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