Monday, November 28, 2011

Thrift Haul: Let's Go Window Shopping in Okinawa, Japan...

Right now I'm visiting my friend JR in Okinawa, Japan. I won't have a conventional Thrift Haul post today, but I thought I'd give you a vicarious peek at the window shopping I've been indulging in here. Somehow I've managed to resist buying tons of kawaii stuff, but the temptation is everywhere...

The first things to temp me were these cute frying pans. Quite silly since you can't see the bottom...and the bottom will become burned with normal use. But I still want the whale one. And the mushroom one. Hell, all of them!

Bento boxes! I'm holding out until I get to a 100-yen store to buy some bento box goodness for me and my friends.

Yes, I had no shame in standing in the grocery store and taking pictures of cute kid's lunch boxes. I love 'em.

As you know, I have a collection of these cute Japanese bowls so I resisted...but I don't have a screaming cat one yet. Surely everyone needs a screaming cat bowl?

Or perhaps you'd prefer these fall-themed owl bowls? I've seen lots of bunnies, cats, and fish on Japanese bowls, but never owls!

This carry-on and one big empty bag were all I packed for two weeks in Japan. Just so I'd have room to bring back enough goodies for everyone! I love packing light and living out of a suitcase. Actually, I kind of feel like I overpacked! (By the way, the Link doll peeking out of the bag is a gift for the friend I'm visiting.) I'll report on the Japanese flea markets and thrift stores I've explored soon!

What did you find this weekend?
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  1. oh man! i'm feeling nostalgic, I always loved the cartoony chop sticks! I think i have one set left from when I lived in japan 28 years ago

  2. Now how the hell did I leave the cute Totoro ones behind? ;) I have a couple at home somewhere, too...

  3. The 100-yen stores are great! My wife and I always spend most of our money at them. I recognise a few of those bento boxes! My daughter uses them regularly for lunch. ;)

  4. Jason: I have similar ones I use for lunch ;) bwahaha...

  5. God knows I <3 those 100-Yen shops. Tons of stuff to be found in those. Every day in Japan is cute overload. Dare to resist going bankrupt shopping, lol!

    <3Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  6. Jackie: I'm spending my money on food instead of Stuff. For now :) I'm on a downsizing kick so that's keeping my grounded...

  7. OH MY YOU ARE IN JAPAN!!!!!!!!! SO JELOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! HAVE FUN! (yes the caps show my EXCITEMENT!)

  8. OH MY GOD!! I am so jealous right now!! I want everything in those pictures!! Man when we go I might not ever come back! Hows the food van?

  9. Oh how sweet to have cute fry pans in your kitchen! (I like the pedo bear one!) You need to get some bentos for giveaways when you come home, I'll gladly join that giveaway! Sounds like you're having fun--keep taking those pictures! Americans with cameras over there is no different than the Asians in America with their cameras, no one should think it's strange! Take pictures of everything for all of us nosy folks!

  10. Nicole: I can't wait to try Ramen and Sushi. I've had green tea french toast, yakitori, udon, onigiri... :) All my money is going to food.

  11. Lori: I'm constantly taking photos no matter where I'm at. I'm used to comment like, "are you a tourist" or "are you a reporter?" ;) But most people don't notice or comment.

    A bento giveaway- good idea. I'll scoop up some Japan goodies and host a giveaway when I get back.

  12. Oh my god! and this is just the beginning. You know you are killing me with this post. I can't wait for another. I'm looking forward to travel with you through these posts.

  13. Ah yes, the food is something else entirely. Never met a Japanese food I didn't like, honestly. If you get a chance, get yourself a glass of Umeshu, a deliciously sweet plum wine. You'll love it.

    <3 Jackie

  14. I am salivating over the Dick Bruna bento box. I'll probably be going to Japan in April for a couple of weeks and will not rest until I find one for myself.

    Katy Wolk-Stanley


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