Monday, November 7, 2011

Thrift Haul: Hot Flea Market Finds on a Cold Fall Day

I've been following my new self-imposed thrifting rules; bringing home less but only the best. With astonishing willpower I stopped myself from buying two beguiling bags of dinosaur and Pokémon toys! That alone proves my commitment! Here are the flea market goodies that made the cut:

Behold this fun novelty tray, It's funny because it's true! And charming because the drawing style reminds me of everyone's favorite classic cartoons. Not selling this one!

Something like this had been on my want-list for a while now, believe it or not. I talked to seller down to fifty cents. It's another keeper!

These, however, will be sold. It feels like I have more books than I can feasibly read in a year!

I love this trio, especially the wood grain pattern on the green McCoy pottery planter! I'm keeping the pitcher to serve tea when friends visit and the owl will be filled with fragrant Rosemary and placed in my antique store booth soon.

This one is already hung in my home and may be hung in our future shop, too. I agree with every word on making a space cozy. This novelty plate would be nice hanging in a den or guest bedroom and I love the illustration of the steaming cigarette and coffee mug.

I'm a sucker for sewing books. I'll need the inspiration to bust out my sewing machine for Christmas crafting this month!

Perhaps the cutest thing I found all weekend, I can't wait to use this vintage alphabet cookie mold. It weighs a ton, too. I could easily kill a bee-otch with this thing! It's the deadliest weapon in my house.

This lovely vintage cardboard dresser was a trade with my fellow antique reseller/business partner Nicole. It'll stash my fabric and craft supplies and already fits into my craft space beautifully. 

'Twas nice to bring home a smaller haul of quality goodies this time around. I'll keep resisting toys and other fun yet "unnecessary" bits for as long as I can, but who knows how long I'll hold out?

What did you find this weekend?

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  1. I was half tempted to get those pokemon, and dinosaurs too!

  2. Me too, they were so small, detailed, and cute. "Non-buyer's remorse?" It's real!

  3. <3 I always love [totally jealous] your finds hahaha. I had a kick ass find yesterday and a great thrifting weekend actually!

  4. Oh I love the little black and white owl!
    This weekend I got a really awesome vintage skirt that I plan to revamp to a dress...also a framed owl needle point! I hope to post about it this week. :D

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. OMG! That novelty tray!!! *.* I would hit anyone who would try to take it off my hands!!! That kind of illustration is always in my mind in case I stumble upon anything like that I wont let it pass. It's been a while since I last went to the thrift store so, nothing new to share. But your finds are always worth taking a look! Have an awesome week!

  7. Miss Lou: Can't wait to check out your finds!

    Marcia: I love framed owl needlepoints; can't wait to see what you do with the skirt!

    Yadira: I'm naturally drawn to things with a bright, cartoony-look, too ;)

  8. Megan: Thank you! I'll keep forcing it for the sake of my sanity ;)

  9. want that cardboard dresser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my that is amazing! if you ever find yourself selling it, i'm your girl! hehe

  10. Van,
    I love the little welcome plate. But it would have been really hard to leave the dinosaurs.

  11. great finds - LOVE that tray! LOL! i didn't blog about finds this week but about branding thrift shops. would love your perspective if you have minute!

  12. Oh I love that cardboard dresser! My grandmother use to have one with a slightly different pattern. Hmm. Not quite sure what ever happened to that. Wish I had it!

  13. Dear God do I love that dresser! Here's hoping one comes my way.

  14. That tray is hilarious, and love the cookie mould, it's a stunner (quite literally I should imagine)

  15. cb: I'll keep that in mind, hopefully I'll find more soon!

    Crystal: Oh, it wa.s I'm still thinking of them and the pokemon toys...

    Angelika: I'll have to check it out! :)

  16. Jackie and Liz: I wish had more already, too. they're beautiful!

    Lakota: I'll keep it by the door, it will be my weapon! And I can't wait to use it soon...


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