Thursday, November 17, 2011

Getting the House Together and Organized: Starting with my Living Room

When I worked full-time at the office and part-time on various projects I was very rarely able to do the following: 1) Sweep 2) Mop 3) Dust 4) Cook 5) Anything other than work. I've decided to take a "break" for a couple of weeks to purge, organize, and do all the things I haven't been able to do in over three years.

I've already hosted a yard sale last weekend, I'm hosting another this weekend, and I've been cleaning and organizing as much as possible room-by-room. The first room I've gotten to a decent level of organization is the living room. Let's take a look:

The living room isn't complete but after rearranging a few things from how it was before I feel refreshed and inspired to tackle the whole house. Next, an office/dining room space rehaul!

How are your organization plans progressing? Do you go all out and purge for the new year, too?
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  1. Great looking room, Van! If you ever feel the need to purge further, I know someone who'd love that FUELMAN sign. ;)

  2. Birdie: Yes indeed. I just need big googly eyes on the couch ;)

    Brian: Thank you! I made my bro give it to me when he was a gas station manager, bwahaha :D

  3. Way off topic, but how do you keep your kitty from messing with your stuff? If that were my apartment, there'd be nothing on the shelves and the wall decor would be pawed/ clawed up. I've tried water, noise, foil, tape and nothing stops my boys from michief :(

  4. Rachel: Oh, my kitty is mischievous! I keep water on-hand but more helpful, is that almost everything on the shelves is too high for her to reach and knock down.

  5. I have to do a LOT of purging!!!!!!!!!

  6. Miss Lou: Saaame here! I'm having fun doing it, at least!

  7. What a fun living you have, so bright and cheerful. Ok, I am going to go organize right now.

  8. Karen: Glad to inspire, get to it :)

  9. i always find that i need to purge when i'm feeling out of control of my life. right now, my back yard is in chaos because we started a "renovation" of it in summer and now we can't do anything until spring. at work, we're getting ready for our annual meeting and we embarking on a capital fundraising campaign so it's super hectic. i volunteer in a few places that are also feeling hectic and so i am feeling like there has to be something that i can have control over - and that's when i want to do exactly what you're doing. i started when i put away my summer clothes and got out my winter ones (closets aren't big enough to hold more than one season) and purged there. i am also planning on purging room by room, it makes it managable. but wht i really want to know with you is how you managed to feed yourself or 3 years if you didn't cook? :-)

  10. Angelika: Sounds crazy hectic indeed! Good luck keeping up on top of that hectic schedule, lady!

    I did use the word "rarely" in terms of cooking and cleaning ;) I did manage to cook in clean in spurts when I could.

    I confessed to beer-and-gummy-bear-dinners during the craziest times in these two posts: &

  11. I soooo need to organize right now. My business office looks like a tornado ran thru! The more cluttered things get, the more I have a hard time getting things listed in the store. This post gave me a little push, so time to get started!

    Love how eclectic your home is!

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