Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thrifty Wedding Tips: Ideas for a Crafty, Vintage Wedding

My friend Nicole, a successful artist and fellow reseller, hosted a gorgeous fall wedding last week. I knew it was going to look incredible, especially when she revealed she'd been collecting the vintage props for years! Every detail of this wedding was vintage-crafty perfection, I knew you'd appreciate a peek at the lovely ceremony and reception.

I'll share my favorite thrifty wedding ideas I gleaned from Nicole's lovely wedding along the way:

Impact for Pennies: Many of the details could be achieved for pocket change. There were sparklers, vintage handkerchiefs for guests, and homemade succulent-and-bean filled centerpieces on each table for the reception. These details didn't cost a lot, but they left a big impact.

This is where the wedding ceremony took place. This definitely proves less is more, simple details make the setting effortlessly elegant.

We were all charmed by the handwritten signs spread throughout the reception space. Now I'm convinced every event needs handwritten signs to showcase the bride and groom's personalities!

We all went nuts for the photobooth Nicole rented for the event, too! She had a cute disposable camera for taking pictures on each table as well.

The unique guest log and inexpensive details like moss on the tables made me realize how important it is to thin outside the box and get creative with your wedding details.

Vintage suitcases are good for all kinds of staging...not like we need any more reasons to pick them up any time we encounter them!

Oh, and every wedding needs a beguiling display of cupcakes, too. These were incredibly delicious...

Okay, so let me come clean...sometimes I dream of being a party planner with a warehouse of collected vintage at my disposal to use and make weddings special. Perhaps this will be an extension of the Thrift Core brick and mortar in the future. 'Til then, I have memories of Nicole's beautiful wedding to look back on fondly for inspiration.
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  1. This is so beautiful! My sister and my mom planned my sister's wedding all by themselves and they did a lot of things like this. The chalkboard is such a neat thing, and I love the vintage suitcases! Yes, I too am guilty of having a whole bunch of them stockpiled! They take up quite a bit of room, but they look cool while they are doing it!

  2. Chelsea: I love weddings with handmade details. I have a few vintage suitcases stockpiled, too ;)

  3. Jil: Yep!I like how you can apply them to all kinds of events since the decor wasn't "too" traditional.

    Cherie: I couldn't resist sharing ;)

  4. My cousin had a photobooth at her wedding too - so much fun! As the night went on people got drunker at the open bar & the photobooth got even funner!

    I got engaged almost a year ago & I think I'm just going to get married in Vegas. My boyfriend wants a huge wedding - not me though!

  5. Sir Thrift-A-Lot: A Vegas wedding would be so fun! I like weddings but don't think I'll ever have one myself ;) I'd rather spend the money on a fun vacation

  6. Thanks for the kind words van!! I'm so glad you got to join in our day!! Love you!!

  7. Nicole: Glad you liked the post!

  8. Wow...amazing venue to have it in! Haha like someone said earlier, my cousin also had a photo booth at their wedding! Must be the "it" thing to do.

  9. Vintage weddings are so in now. Where did you get all of those great items like that suitcase. Wow, my mom had one just like that. of course, we no longer have it so...where do you get those things? Thrift shops?

  10. Wow! I love the simply elegant celebration.


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