Friday, May 22, 2015

Thrifters Around the World: A Global Look at Craft and Collecting Culture.

I have severe wanderlust. I want to explore all the things, see all the places. It's a goal of mine to renovate and take residence in a retro RV and travel the USA, stopping at markets to sell my wares in different states and taking hundreds of photos along the way. I would of course, stop at local thrifts, junk shops and art boutiques/galleries, too. When I was going to open a vintage shop the goal was to collect enough to fill a store, now-a-days I'd take photos of most things and buy only the rare, odd, most-special items for my collection. Ah, to dream!

With my past "Thrifters Around the World" series I was able to vicariously satisfy my travel bug. It was fascinating to peer into the worlds of these fellow collectors and creators. I still long to see those thrifts in Amsterdam, or shop those night markets in Taiwan- the perfect thing for a busy-brained night owl! We need those here where I live! I've received grateful e-mails about the series from people across the globe and continue to make interesting connections from it. I was interviewed by this awesome duo because they found my blog while googling "Thrift Stores in Amsterdam". They were going on an extended vacation and wanted to thrift while they were visiting!

I'm excited to continue sharing stories from all walks of life and locations. For now, this a look back at my global thrifters series. This series slowed down when frequent submissions stopped, but I have a new line-up of creatives who want to share their global thrifting experiences. This calls for a revival!

  If you would like to be featured in home tour, indie business, or creative business interview, shoot me an e-mail.  I would love to interview you and chat about being creative where you live.

Past Thrifters Around The World Interviews:

Thrifting in New Zealand with Georgia and Christie

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