Monday, May 11, 2015

May Goals: Ready to Minimize Effort and Maximize Profit. And More Nature.

As you know from my confession post, last month ended up being insanity. But surviving it and looking back, it taught me valuable lessons about planning/setting goals in advance, laser-focusing with your business and never spreading yourself thin. This month  I have a smaller to-do list focused on one project instead of many different ones. I'm taking a break from all the other gigs I was spreading myself to thin with so I can set a better money-making foundation for the future. I'm already earning more in less time, I have more time to dedicate to my goals, and I'm reading business books like crazy and setting lots of action steps into place to make things happen! 

[My views from my Earth Day market booth set-up at the Jacksonville Landing. Loved hanging there next to the breezy St. Johns river. Someone overheard me say how much I love reptiles and bought over his chameleon for me to fawn over.]

A big one I'm going to try is setting some work hours for myself! I'll often type on the computer into the morning hours, this has to stop! I'm going to try 12PM to 6PM and see what happens. Tuesday and Wednesday will be off days. I'm going to post reminders everywhere this month with these goals to make them happen.

There's already a demand for my body care line and repeat customers after my swift beta-runs, so this month we're focusing on packing more product and getting the product look right.

May Goals
  1. List that Damn Craigslist Stuff again ASAP
  2. Do another Used Book Store Run
  3. Order Bottles, Labels, Post Cards, Bags, Mini Mirrors, Punch Cards, Etc. for the body care line
  4. Now that look's established, finish the label designs
  5. Get BETA version of site and business cards out there, people are askin'
  6. Get a nice booth sign made
  7. Continue to make sure I earn at least $500 per week. I made over $600 this weekend! Phew!*
  8. Create nice signs/personal displays for each product for my local booth
  9. Schedule and finish 2 body core work days per week
  10. Get all vintage into organized boxes and into mom's attic. 
  11. Go to "You Pick Your Blueberries" in Georgia and load up! I'll freeze 'em for smoothies for months!
  12. Go to the Hostel in the Forest and a Georgia exploring trip. Already got it scheduled!
  13. To be more realistic: organize at least 1 new thing per week. SMALL projects!
*I will share details on how I did this soon. Hint: it's a national ap-based job that anyone can sign up for, you probably heard of it. I'm still feeling it out, trouble-shooting and gathering data for a fair write-up.

April Goals
  1. Strict schedule with actual time off so I can bike, read 3 books, and live more. Use timer. Nope! I biked and got out a bit MORE, but too much. I'm still slowly working on one business book, taking notes along the way and scheduling the tips as actual to-dos so it's more effective. Makes for a slower read.
  2. List three bookshelves and AJ's extras on Craigslist for some $ and less clutter Why is this so hard? Nope
  3. Make my antique mall booth nice with the fun new editions I made behind-the-scenes
  4. Finish making my art supplies more accessible so I can get to work (in boxes isn't ideal) Nope
  5. Plant seeds for my gardens (working on two right now) Cancelled for now. Too...much...
  6. Schedule clinical/work hours at Green Lotus Studios I wish :( I did do work for them, though
  7. Solidify my damn elusive label for my skin care line  I think I go it!
  8. Go to one new place every week with AJ  Not every week, but we explored some new stuff.
  9. Go to the Hostel in the Forest Boo, AJ never got two days off in a row. We have it schedule for this week! Can't wait.
  10. Use mostly what I have on hand to complete prep for ALL local markets  Did 'em! Now I'm going to invest time and a little money into some nicer set-up pieces.
  11. Schedule a full-day work day once a week to make "soap" things happen  I'm gonna say I did what equates to this in painful late-nighters. Never again! We've already scheduled daytime meet-ups. We don't have to rush to make money this time, we can experiment some more.
  12. Hit my favorite Thrift Stops as much as once a day to gather cheap supplies for new projects I forgot about this one. But wasn't too concerned in the mad rush for monies!
  13. Stay on top of this apartment! Do a clean sweep, then put everything away as soon as I'm done! It was hard and not consistent but as I write this, apartment is cleaner than the start of last month. It will get better now that I'm not doing as much.
  14. Make time to write eBooks + the books I'm selling locally Backburn'd again. But I WILL do this!
  15. Finish that damn magazine!
A sneak peek behind-the-scenes of my eBook work. I'm writing books on herbalism, aromatherapy, product photography, reselling, and more. They feature tips and quotes from pros in the business and lots of colorful photography, which is why they're taking so long. If I'm releasing books, they're going to be something polished that I can be proud of. They're loaded with actions steps and information that really help people! 

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