Friday, May 29, 2015

Blueberry Picking in Georgia: A Perfectly Peaceful Day Surrounded by Greenery

Finally! I've been meaning to head 45 minutes north to Georgia to pick blueberries for years now! I enjoyed the experience more than I thought I would. It was different than I'd imagined, the field was huge and surrounded on all sides by a pine tree forrest. The farm was delightfully rustic, I loved the hand-painted sign and patio furniture lunch area. I expected to have fun and buy loads of local, organic berries for my daily smoothies for less, but I didn't anticipate how meditative and relaxing the experience wold be. You forget the daily woes and get sucked into the task at hand, no relentless music blaring or the sounds of traffic from outside my window. Just the soft rustling of branches as the breeze cooled us, or the songs from birds overhead. It was blissful, and I'll certainly be back to pick more.

The farm owner gave us a tour, recommended which berries to pick, and provided us with harnesses for easier berry picking! You hook on your bucket and it's easy to pick all day.

My pounds of berries are already nearly devoured, they didn't even make it into my planned raw vegan blueberry pie! Actually, we're already making plans to explore Georgia more in general. It's not far away yet I rarely visit, only one state North, yet there's a different culture across the state line.

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