Monday, May 25, 2015

Vintage Instagram Sale- Retro Wares, Some New, Some Old Starting at $5.00 Each. One Day Only!

It's liberating to do something for your business on a whim! I've been embroiled in business planning, reading, making spreadsheets, crunching numbers and generally being super methodical with the next moves. When it came time to tackle the task of packing the rest of my vintage merchandise for mom's attic (as she generously offered) I randomly decided to launch my first Instagram sale! I was admiring the beauty of each item as I cleaned, add decided I want to give blog readers a chance to own some of these beauties for less. They're sexy and they want new homes with people who'll love them. I heard them say this to me, I'm crazy like that.

Edit: The sale is now over. Check out my Etsy shop if you'd like to buy anything!

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It was fun to snap the photos for this sale and take a break from my usual tedious shooting/working style. The mostly 1970s wares look nice on this retro "woodgrain" backdrop and a polaroid-style filter! I hope you'll check out the sale. If it does well I'll be sure to do more of these. I have plenty of fun wares that haven't been seen yet, I'd love to connect them with my kindred creative spirits. If you check out the same items in my Etsy shop you'll see you're getting amazing deals on everything. This isn't even a profit-maker for me, it's more of a way to clear out and get my items in new homes rather than letting them waste away in the attic :)

I had this song playing while I snapped the photos, for proper immersion into the era these items were made sold during!

/Comments Off but e-mail me if you have any questions. There are more items in my Etsy shop.
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