Monday, December 13, 2010

Thrift Share: The Holiday Hunt Continues

[Retro Mushrooms Plaque, $1.50]

I'm still hunting for vintage holiday bits and items from my thrift list. My favorite find of is the retro mushroom plaque above, it inspires me to make some mushroom art.

[Blue Balls, Christmas Ornaments, $1.00]

I wanted some blue ball (tee-hee) Christmas ornaments for color contrast on my tree.

[Black Heels, $3.00]

I had to replace work shoes again. I'm probably too rough on mine, good thing they're affordable.

 [Black Wedge Heels, $3.00]

They're both a bit banal but they get the job done.

[Records, $0.25 cents each]

I finally went to the Quiggly House thrift store (where I found the records above and VHS tapes below). I wrote about it in my first post and my 7 Things I Love About Thrifting post; I thought it was closed, but local readers commented and e-mailed to let me know it lives!  

Never visit this thrift store during peak Orange Park traffic hours during the Holiday season! That was painful.

[VHS Tapes, $0.50 cents each]

My weird VHS tape grows by the day. Beakman's World was still shrink wrapped! Can't wait to watch it!

[Books, $0.75 cents each]

I try not to buy books (I need to read all the ones I own first) but couldn't resist these two. 

What did YOU find this weekend?
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  1. Your shoes look great! My daughter (13) cannot pass up old record albums when she sees them. She tacks the cardboard covers to her bedroom walls and melts the records into bowls.

  2. I am always tempted to buy records just for the beautiful cover art. I'll try bowls with damaged records one day. :D

  3. This weekend we were snowed in which gave me a chance to organize a few finds from the summer.
    I am not much of a shoe girl, but those are seriously cute!

    Are VHS tapes considered a "hot" collectible or do you think they have potential?

  4. I used to LOOOVE Beakman's world! That was the weirdest show on tv & I sat inches from the screen when ever it was on.

  5. Yaay for nice thrifted work shoes! Love the ones with the buttons.

  6. oh we have a vintage record player and I love to buy old records for my kids to listen to! cheers!

  7. Moe: It definitely is- I used to do the same thing. I watched the tape last night and it didn't disappoint...

    But I like Bill Nye better!

  8. Dogs mom: I've heard of VHS tapes selling on Ebay, it's worth it to sell old ones already owned, but I don't think it's worth it to go out collecting them to sell right now.

    Amanda: I've been wearing them every day since, cute and comfortable. They're made by Candie's. I love their clothes but rarely find them while thrifting.

  9. Both pairs of shoes are super cute--great prices! The blue balls are nice...

  10. Great finds, and the shoes are cute ones! Beakman's World - OMG!

  11. Like the shoes. I'm really getting into the secondhand shoe thing, too.

  12. You said blue balls... tee hee. But what really got me saw your awesome shoes. You are one thrifty maven! Very fun blog!

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