Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thrifty Giftwrapping Ideas: Share Yours!

I like to keep things simple when it comes to gift wrapping. This year I used brown paper bags and inexpensive postal wrapping paper (dollar general) for a clean look. From there I embellished with paper and fabric scarps, thrifted ribbon, magazine cuts outs, and other bits.

Thrifty Wrapping Paper Ideas
Consider some of these thrifty options for wrapping gifts.


- Newspaper
- Colorful pages from magazines
- Retail catalogs (urban outfitters and anthropologie make good ones)
- Children's book pages
- Music Note Pages
- Copy paper
- School Notes
- Maps
- Old Calendar Pages


-Fabric scraps
-Old sweaters
-Vintage/Colorful scarves

One Word: Furoshiki

Beautiful Japanese wrapping method using fabric: Video//Techniques//Quick Guide.


-Vintage tins
-Vintage purses and clutches
-Vintage hat boxes
- Picnic baskets
- Totes and satchels

 [Ah, the thrifty possibilities...]

How do YOU Wrap Gifts for the Holidays?
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  1. i love using plain brown paper as you have. sometimes the kids add their drawings on it, sometimes i put a pretty bow, but honestly? my favourite look is brown paper with string or raffia tied up.

    great ideas. i used to use the sunday comics (which were in colour) when i was a kid.

  2. Ana: Yep, I do believe that is my favorite wrapping style for the Holidays, too. What more do you need?

  3. we use brown papero too and then doodle on it! love doing that as it makes it more personal!


  4. I like using old maps and I put a gift card into a small cigar tin. I use mostly fabric ribbon and of course recycle it. I'm going to use pages from a comic book for some small things. Thanks for a great post with some new ideas!

  5. I am not a good wrapper. I love bags and tissue but it really is the easy way out. This year I am trying to wrap more and use some imagination. Thanks for the great suggestions.

  6. Linda: I forgot to add that my gift wrapping efforts were abysmal last year. The gifts looked like crap!

    I'm glad to be back to recycled-wrappings. It's so much easier for me.

    Chandlerguera: I love the gift card in a small cigar tin idea! Cigar boxes and tins in general make amazing gift boxes.

  7. I love Kraft paper and did use some for wrapping this year, although I mostly used all sorts of gift wrapping paper and ribbons.

    Thanks for the tip, Animal Crossing does seem fun:) I love how you are so diverse in your choice of games too;)

  8. Go to any retail store after stocking day and you can get a TON of boxes. I do this every time I move, but I also do it so I can put my presents in boxes.

  9. I really love the look of your packages Van... nice, clean, easy... my kind of wrapping!

  10. Blue eyed night owl: I'll have to look into that kraft paper!

    Sparrow's Nest: Good idea, I need to find the stocking days for the stores nearby! I always go at random when boxes are slim pickings.

  11. I almost never buys gift wrappers, I just look around the house to find something. This year, I'm using fabric since I've got tons of extras!

    You're gifts looks too cute! :) I may have to look into brown paper for the next gift giving.

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