Monday, December 20, 2010

Thrift Share: Holiday Thrifting

This weekend's thrift hunt was a bust. I found a Calvin and Hobbes comic book, biology book, and a book on "why cats paint". I decided to spare you banal shots of books and instead share some thrifted christmas gifts I'm giving out this year.

A stack of thrifted interior design books for my sister-in-law, who just bought a new house with my brother this year.

A little casita for my mom, she collects these things. She definitely won't mind the small chip.

Cutting board for my friend who loves cute kitchen assessories like this one.

Small Japanese bunny bowls for another friend who's been coveting my simular rabbit teacups.

This small Japanese-style bowl was the perfect thing for my friend, this is his favorite shade of green.

He's also getting a small Buddha and dragon figure, he collects little guys like these ones.

Plushies! These two and other simular ones for my nieces and friends. The ones for my neices were already wrapped up when I took these pictures.

Two robot pillows for my nephews, I love making these little robots. They are incredibly comfortable pillows despite appearances.

What did you find this weekend?
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  1. You are a creative and thoughtful gift giver.
    Opening gifts around you must be a blast. Definitely not predictable.

  2. Not much to find this weekend either. A few stray ornaments. I too am giving thrifted gifts this year.

  3. This is so great! I really am going to consider thrifting as a gift source this coming year. I am really looking forward to getting out of school and starting my own thrifted life :) :)

    Your blog is a great inspiration :)

  4. Okay, I want the cutting board and the robots!!

  5. dogsmom: Unpredictable gifts are the best kind!

    Linda: Perhaps thrift stores nationwide have been picked over for the holidays? New Years will bring us the goods!

    Moe: I am very glad to inspire others to the thrifty way of life. I'm resolving to take thrift to the next level in 2011!

    Christine & Barbara: Can't wait 'till I have time to make more robots, there's not enough robot pillows out there...

  6. I like those robots too - very fun and creative gifts! I have to agree that thriftstores seem picked over lately, hopefully will pick up again in a few weeks!

  7. the magazines look super fun!! hopefully your next thrift run will be better :)

    In the Hammock Vintage

  8. Love them all, especially the little rabbit bowls and the robots are cool!

  9. I love your creative wrapping and plushies :) Now I wish I hadn't wrapped all mt thrift gifts already; I would have liked to share them with you. Thrifted gifts are always so meaningful!

  10. The robot pillows are so cool! Do you sell them?

    I can't wait till next year when we have a little wiggle room in the budget so I can start thrifting more than once every six months. Although I did score some great counting toys for Miss Monk and a big bulletin board for a puzzle board for $3.

  11. FeliciaE: I made a batch of these to sell last year, these two were the last ones left.

    Jacqueline: Yep, I already wrapped most of my gifts before I could take pictures too. Oops!

  12. LOL the dragon is hilarious! I found myself drawn to a little statue of buddha this weekend, too - except he wasn't thrifted in any way - modern art costs way too much.

  13. DANG-just saw the robot pillows my son's will love those. I may just make them some for the heck of it!

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