Monday, December 6, 2010

Thrift Share Monday: Unique Art and Things

[Art Print, Vintage Suitcase, Ribbon, Christmas Ornaments]

My thrift-hunt shifted to finding some holiday decor and gifts this weekend. I didn't find much for Christmas, but I did find some unique pieces and crafting supplies.

 [Christmas Ornaments, $2 and Ribbon $0.10 - $0.25 each]

I'd really like to find some blue and violet ball ornaments for color contrast now. Maybe I'll find a way to paint the gold ones. 

[Children's books $0.25 to $0.50 cents each]

I'm a sucker for kid's books with beautiful illustrations. These ones were purchased for crafting. The illustrations from Satoshi Kitamura's UFO Diary were my favorite. I also found a Fraggle Rock kid's book- I rarely find Fraggle merchandise!

[Estate Sale, Top Right dresser drawer was full of porno DVDs]

On the way to visit my mom (for more thrift hunting!) I passed a ramshackle trailer park with an estate sale sign. The only thing of interest to me was a dresser in the bedroom with clean lines. Even if I wanted it, my tiny car couldn't accommodate it! I need friends with trucks to thrift with, any volunteers?

[Framed Art Print $1 and Vintage Suitcase (close-up) $3.99]

My favorite finds are the-colorful-art-print-I-didn't-need and the vintage suitcase. I use these for organizing art supplies and other bits.

Don't forget: My American Pickers DVD Giveaway ends this week.

What Did You Find This Weekend?
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  1. that suitcase is great. I've bought a lot of glass ornaments from Goodwill, so much cheaper than buying new

  2. Nice finds! Your art print is an image titled "Senecio" (Old man) from 1922 by the German artist Paul Klee (alternately titled "Baldgreis").

  3. How nice to have someone fill you in on your art. Nice find.

  4. Scott- I was hoping someone could give me information about it! Thank you!

  5. Wonderful finds. I really love that vintage suitcase!

  6. Good finds and great prices.
    Aren't blog readers the best and most helpful?
    I am a Fraggle fan as well and wish I had more chances to thrift them.

  7. hahahaha love the porno drawer-so funny and kinda gross :)

  8. Laura: Agreed, as much as I love naked people something about the porn drawer in a nasty trailer was unsettling.

    Alyssa: Me too! Just realized I didn't get a shot of it by itself. I must fill it with things at once!

    Dogsmom: All thrifters need a blog with amazing, intelligent readers. That's all there is to it.

  9. Great finds! Kudos to Scott - the guy knows more about modern art and design than almost anyone else I know.

    OK, I think this the first time I've seen Fraggle Rock and Porn DVDs in the same post, but it could also be that I just haven't been paying attention =)

  10. I started reading your blog a few days ago, and it makes me so happy to have a fresh perspective on thrifting. I read your intro post and I believe you mentioned such a perspective (single, no kids). It makes me happy knowing there's someone out there who is like me. I may have to start my own blog and share my finds.

  11. All your thrift finds are AWESOME. Esp. the hidden porn drawer LOL I thoroughly enjoy coming to your blog. I look forward to your finds :)

    Sadly, I didn't go anywhere this weekend so I didn't "find" anything

  12. Top drawer for porn? Isn't it usually keep in the bottom least thats what I hear! Haha! Love that little suitcase. I want to find an old one that has the "Going to Grandmas" print on the front.

  13. I love the design of your suitcase - lovely bright colours. Great bargains!

  14. Very nice finds! Love the print. That's what I love about vintage fossicking - you never know what you'll uncover...

  15. Love vintage suitcases! I keep my two black and white floral Samsonite ones right in the front room ,the better to stare at daily. And you can never go wrong with children's books. I use the ones with colorful spines for plant stands and other little decor touches.

  16. Ren: Thank you for the kind words! I definitely think we need more of the "single, no kids" and "single male" perspectives on thrifting. I encourage you to start your own blog! When you do, let me see it! :)

    Megan: I need to see these book-plant-stands! Good idea.

  17. Wow I love the print on that vintage suitcase! great find.. I hope we have a lot of thrift shops / yard sales here in the Philippines, I'm too jealous of all the great finds I'm seeing around the blogland :)

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