Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What's Your Thrift Wish List for 2011?

A new year, a new opportunity to pen your thrift wish list! What do you hope to find while thrifting, junking, and hunting this year? My wish list stays much the same as what I wrote in November, but with a couple of changes.

My Current Thrift List for 2011 is:

  • Pot, found one for free
  • Chair, found one that will do
  • Mod Credenza
  • Mod Bedside Tables
  • Large Chalkboard
  • Vintage first aid kit and large tool box
  • Kitchen island
  • Large Teapot(s), for mad tea parties
  • Bowls, broke my last mod ones; sad.

I always hunt for inexpensive quirky art, practical vintage storage bits, and anything too bizarre to leave behind. Like the rest of you, I don't limit myself to the list. Instead, the list represents practical items I'd love to find and use.

What will you thrift for in 2011?

*By The Way: You're still tagged. What are your new years goals for 2011? Join the conversation.
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  1. My goal is to go to more estate sales and to find the perfect vanity :) like from the 50's with a mirror. Lovely blog!

  2. I need to find another salad spinner. my last one brokee :-(
    other than that, I am with you. special, one of a kind, quirky, anything that really pulls at my heart. these things are usually shopped for on 50% off days at the SA ;-)

  3. Erika: You reminded me...I'm looking for one of those vintage full-length mirrors for a good price.

    I'm planning to hit up more estate sales too, not just for vintage hunting but for restocking supplies.

  4. Christine: I love those 50% and other good-deal days! :)

  5. I want a credenza too...good luck!

  6. vegasgrrl: Hell yes, me too! I'd put that on a "dream" list though. But hey, maybe with the new year gadget donations, we can snag one!

  7. I'm going to keep looking for vintage brooches for my collection and lots of vintage jewelry pieces for recycled jewelry. Always on the lookout for crafting stuff including vintage fabrics.

  8. TYRaines: I'm the opposite, I have to resist crafting stuff with all my might! No time to use it.

  9. 1. an old school overhead projector
    2. a matching set of 10 dining room chairs
    3. art
    4. ottomans
    5. yarn
    6. random things to upcycle

  10. What size chalkboard? I need a couple 8x10 foot size to upcycle to pantry doors--converting my kitchen making one whole wall a pantry with sliding doors :D

  11. Sparrow's Nest: Beautiful selection of goods. I would LOVE an old school overhead projector! And matching dining room chairs. And art :) Always Art!

    Laura: Hm, I haven't measured an exact size yet. Perhaps 11x17 or 18x24. In the end I might just paint my own chalkboard wall somewhere.

  12. just came across your blog - so cute! I ADORE thrifting:)

  13. How fun, Van! I have to go make my own list now. Whoo hoo!

  14. I want a desk and gorgeous lounge chair. BADLY!

    :) Happy New Year Van!

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