Thursday, April 12, 2012

Brick & Mortar Update: Branding, Searching, and Planning

It seems like just yesterday that I announced I would open a Brick & Mortar shop somewhere in Jacksonville, Florida, but it's been months! We're still hard at work behind-the-scenes; starting from the bottom with branding and writing an extensive business plan. We're taking our time to ensure we launch it right.

But I'm not gonna lie, the tireless work on the brick & mortar plans, reselling, this blog, the antique store booths, and my freelance gigs have burned me out. Four strong cups of tea and a cappuccino is the rocket fuel keeping me furiously typing this article for you! To ease the pain during a numbers-crunching session last week we took a break to explore our local Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.

The innovative staging ideas and vignettes stuffed full of merchandise were food for the artist's soul.

We soaked up the visuals like sponges, eager to make our shop a destination and an experience like these two retail giants are known to be.

But our shop will be better! With real hand-picked vintage. And local art. And coffee. Robots are vital, too. It's fun to look away from the piles of paperwork and statistical data and let the creativity flow. It all started with a dream; let's dream on.

What's your dream store like? What are your vintage/thrifty plans and goals?
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  1. I want to have a place in your shop to hang out and work :)

    1. Indeed, the "cafe" part of the plan has diminished a bit as we've plotted, but we definitely want a hang out and work place!

  2. anthro is always always so perfect! a cafe would be really interesting!

    1. Indeed it is. That reminds me, I forgot to link to a post I wrote about staging your antiques like the pros at anthro:

  3. My dream would be an exposed brick/rafters/cement floor mid mod industrial store full of amazing mid century furniture, Pyrex, and mod garments that would translate seamlessly into today's style.
    Wow! I almost wrote a mission statement for my store right there!

    I had been wondering about your brick and mortar shop. Glad you gave an update. Can't wait to see the progression of this project!

    1. That sounds wonderful! I think we need to emulate that a bit ;)

      Yep, we're still working on it. Finding the right location takes longer than any of us anticipated!

      I'll try to write more about our progress.

  4. Hi Van
    hope to visit your shop someday...I'm not sure I want a shop but I think the idea of organizing a pop-up flea is pretty cool and today I read about a couple who is starting an indoor, juried weekend flea market in Portland, Maine. I think this is kind of a cool concept and I love the name it's called Portland flea-for-all. good luck with your plans!

    1. Oh,I love that idea too! We're encouraging people to take pilgrimages to the shop once it's open. We'll even act as travel guides and tell visitors the best places to visit in Florida ;)

    2. sounds like another potential website!

    3. Wucha talkin' 'bout Vlad? :) What would make a good potential site, the B&M?

  5. It's not quite my dream shop--would like a bigger space-- but I did just take the in the second week.... I am proud! And tired!

    1. That sounds accurate, it is exhausting beyond words! I know first hand. Congratulations on your big first steps, it's so hard!

  6. I would love to open a brick and mortar shop that features both vintage AND handmade. I've been trying to get my organic cotton knit baby hats into boutique stores around here, but I've been unsuccessful - they say not enough people browse for new baby gifts, they ususally know what they want and buy it from a box store. But I dream of having a place for other indie makers and resellers!

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