Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Goals #16: Settling in, Purging, and Selling

1. Completely move into my new roost.  2. Scrub my old roost to perfection and paint the walls back to white. 3. Get settled in ASAP. Furniture where it belongs, all things out of boxes. (Phase I) 4. Write ahead for the blog and plot as much as possible for it. 5. Write-up a very detailed schedule to help me be as productive as possible with writing, reselling, brick and mortar plotting, and everything else that's going on!

Thanks to some generous help from my friends I managed to move to my new apartment, paint the old one, and get fairly settled-in very quickly! Now it's time to really hit it and get back to work in my spacious new pad. Next week I must...

1. Finish unpacking every single box.
2. Organize all of the stuff I've yet to sell into Craigslist/Shop/Etsy categories.
3. Complete 3 table DIYs I had in mind.
4. Complete 2 Chalkboard DIYs I had in mind.
5. Set up my home office and general home settling-in fun.

Try to...

6. Photograph everything that's going on to Etsy
7. List everything on Etsy
8. Photograph and list may of the things I'm getting rid of and list them on Craigslist.

What Are Your Goals This Week?

I can't be the only one who's shocked by how quickly this year is flying by! We're already halfway through April and it's definitely beach weather here in Florida!
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  1. I'm back, I'm back! Finally, a productive day filled with taxes, art, and grocery shopping. Hopefully that momentum will carry me forward and through the week!

    1. Indeed! Same here, I've gotta get back to it this week!


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