Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How to Eat Raw Vegan on the Cheap: Discount Shopping Tips + Closing Reminder

I wanted to wrap up this Raw Vegan re-cap series with a quick chat about adding more fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds to your diet on the cheap-- and why it's worth the extra expense versus eating processed food to save money. We're not discount machines,  you are worth the extra expense for quality food! And it tastes better too, win/win. You can eat healthy for less, here are some suggestions for saving:

Clockwise: greens and herbs from my garden, bulk discounts at a nearby farmer's market, veggies and freebies from my kitchen job, and cutting delicious veggies at the kitchen job. Instagram shots.

Gardening: Join a community garden, a community shared agriculture group (CSA) or check out your local farmer's market.

Buy in Bulk: Buy in Bulk as often as possible for the bulk discounts, freeze any excess if you fear fruits or veggies going rancid.

Buy Frozen: A great way to save on bulk fruits, veggies, and berries. You can stock up for your smoothies or other dishes and keep it all fresh.

Volunteer: Some community gardens, farms, kitchens and more will offer food in exchange for money. Stamp a "Will Work for Food" sign on me, I'm very easily food motivated!

Work Discount: I get a discount on meals and bulk grocery items at my part time kitchen job. If you're in the market for a new part of full time job, perhaps consider one with a farmer's market, CSA, natural grocery store or anywhere that can translate to food savings? FOOD for thought, ho ho ho, my puns are amazing...

Skip Organic: Organic is preferable of course, but don't sweat it if you can't. It's better to have non-organic fruits and veggies than none at all!

Skip "Superfoods": I love to experiment with them but they're not necessary, save money and skip them if necessary.

Food Vulture: Whenever someone offers free veggies (excess from their garden, food the kitchen was going to throw out, perhaps) I swoop in for the kill. No shame. I always find a way to use and eat it.

Feel free to e-mail if you have any other suggestions for eating on the cheap- or questions on being raw vegan, vegan, vegetarian, or just healthier at all. It's not easy for me to continue this series because from a business/blogging perspective I see my blog visits and comments take a big hit. My favorite part of blogging is the interaction and feedback with readers so it sucks to feel like I'm proselytizing on a deserted island sometimes.

I know the majority of readers skip these posts, but on the flip side I've had people stop me on while I'm out and about to tell me my posts have made them healthier and incorporate more freshness into their lives and their children's lives. (And of course, some grateful e-mails, too!) I'm glad to spread the hippie influence. I wanted to finish this series to answer the common questions and have a nice backdrop for reference for when/if I decide to continue sharing recipes.

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