Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Epic Quarter-Year List: Projects, Short-Term To-Dos and Wish-Lists. For Fun.

April hath sprung! It's warm out, I powered over an inertia slump and sales are awesome. Three months into the year is a good time to re-evaluate goals and lists (see my original 2014 projects list) and check-in with resolution progress. Here are my short-term goals for the month. I'm insane:

1. Fill eBay store to the brim (they have new seller limits, boo! I'd have it to 500+ now if I could.)
2. Get Every. Single. Vintage. Item in this apartment not yet on Etsy on it!
3. Deep Purge. Sort every single unwanted/unusable bit into garage sale and donate box.
4. Organize all art supplies then list their locations in a spreadsheet.
5. Get every single piece of merchandise into my merchandise spreadsheet w/ it's apartment location.
6. Merchandise Clearance Yard Sale April 5th- e-mail me for the address so you can come get goodies.
7. Tackle and complete vintage book page ephemera line. Plan. Organize. Scan Pages. Stage. Upload.
8. Magically stuff all of my merchandise- or close to it- into Southern Crossing. Experiment time!
9. Finish my Indie Business eBook and get it online to help Indie Biz Owners Get Workin'!
10. Focus on PROFIT: Get $5K worth of inventory "out" into the world
11. Re-arrange every single room in the house for inspiration, freshen it up a bit. Project fresh home?
12. Start my fresh home project for my friends/family that need it, too.
13. New biz plan.
14. Talk to School counselor about my grant options. If I can't go for free, I won't go.
15. Apply to 5 writing jobs.
Bonus: Scrub the house top-to-bottom again. Working on this right now.

Photo by Mandi of Making Nice in the Midwest, love her beautifully-curated vintage-filled blog. Gotta make similar corner shelves, three sets! 

I won't beat myself up if I don't accomplish making everything below before the month's up. But I do want to knock out the 15 above by the end of April! I have a lot of work to do....

1. Huge Custom wall-of-shelves (for office)
2. Curio/Corner Shelves
3. Custom Desk
4. Cat Tree
5. Kitchen Cabinet Back Drop
6. Window Planters
7. Gallery walls for others and my apartment
8. Paint some of my apartment walls (maaaaybe, eventually)
9. Displays and signs for my new larger antique mall booth! (Excited!)

A shot of a tea room from my Okinawa, Japan trip. Now that I found my photos they shall appear on the blog more-frequently!

For the joy of lists, just throwing in some general wish-listings. I don't expect to accomplish all this shopping and traveling anytime soon, but they're things I keep on my mind to keep me working at my goals. 

1) Natural Eye Gel, natural skin care stuff, my girly weakness.

2) Vacations! I want to start nearby with Ginnie Springs and St. Augustine then on to visit Miami, Boca Raton, Tampa, Miami and The Everglades. And Japan again. And some West Coast USA explorations: I have a lot of money to make. Anyone want to meet up with me on my travels or host me!? Recommendations? Holla!

3) Clothes my wardrobe is near-bear, going to invest in thrifted vintage and indie-made favs. More tips on making a classic wardrobe to come.

4) Mid Century Modern furnishings for the house, detailed list on that to come, too. I shall thrifted for 'em, of course.

Not too much, right? No pressure? HA! I've determined that I need to accomplish all of the above before I start bringing in too much merchandise or move on to the other big projects on my epic list for the year. These days I'm days I'm dreaming of moving more, exploring more, collaborate with others and move on to BIGGER community-changing projects, but don't feel comfortable doing so without getting the items in this list done first.

(& Just a brief reminder, if you need help with your indie business I still offering advertising, design, and business services- read more here. I want my indie business eBook to be finished as soon as possible too so look out for it!)

I dare you to make a few short-term goals in the comments for getting life together and hitting up the rest of the year with relish. Let's hit it! I'll follow-up with this list at the end of April or every week to hold myself accountable!
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  1. You are one giant ball of energy. My goal is to sneak into your apartment late at night, insert a straw through your brain and siphon out some of your energy. And then intravenously inject it into my brain....Just saying.

    I suggest sleeping with one eye open, my friend......

    1. Noooooo! I needs it! ;) I'm so grateful to have it back after a long slump that I want to work as hard as possible. I've learned I can't rest or feel satisfied unless I do.

  2. I love a good list!

    The chairs in the top inspiration picture are similar to ones I have but mine are cloth. This just gave me a brilliant idea to redo them though! Whoohooo;)

    I emailed you yesterday. If you didn't get it, I'm at
    lana at theoakleyoffice dot com :)

    1. Hey Lana, got it and shall follow-up with you on crafting a pro post to help indie biz owners with their accounting :D Yay! I'm excited to build things that will whip this apartment into shape and make it the perfect work/home space.

    2. Girl it isn't showing in my sent file so I was all kinds of panicking! ;)

      I am drooling over these hairpin legs on the coffee table. <3

    3. Same, need to hunt some down for future custom-furniture making!

    4. If you wish for your travels to take you to Sweet Home Alabama, come on over! :)

  3. When the weather improves so does your Mojo. Good luck! I need to paint around here too.

    1. Yep, I want to be outside all day, but work must get done. Good luck with your projects, too. I have gorgeous bright blue and green paint but I'm only going to do accent walls if I paint because these walls are TALL AS HELL and texture, it will be a nightmare to paint them/paint them back.

    2. My walls are not tall but textured also. Hate it!

    3. Me too. Painting this will be a nightmare so I hold back but the results would be gorgeous even if I just did some statement walls. It's also a rental, so...

  4. I feel like a lazy slug when I see this list... Pop by Asheville and visit me! I am literally trying to fix up the little guest room/suite now in order to lure friends. The big expense is the new bed, the mattress really,--saving for that now :)

    1. Oh, I've always wanted to visit Asheville, may have to do that :D ! For reals. Thanks for the invite.

  5. Here's my tip: write con constant content onlibe. People request articles and give parameters and pricing and you write for them and they pay you. It brings in GOOD money and you can eventually start writing content for writing pools and EVENTUALLY people will contact you to write bulk a articles for them for bulk pricing. It is a SWEET deal and an absolutely fantastic way to bring in money. I write for them occasionally and I have a good friend who has landed writing gigs for very lucrative, highly specialized clientele and he is raking it in. He no longer needs an outside the home job. He sets his own hours etc and is a single dad! Seriously you love to write and are good at it...give it a go! It's free to apply and join up. Just start writing and the people will find you and fund you.

    1. Thanks for the tip Collette, will definitely check that out and other sites like it while I'm trying to get my writing chops back up. I did try to apply to my paper of choice last week but the e-mails say undeliverable. Curious...

  6. Damn, these are just your short term goals!?

    1. I can't see willing myself to finish the "make list" without some serious caffeine overdose or something but I'm holding myself to those 15! I want to knock them out and move on! >:D

    2. Oh oops and I better clarify, the wish listing was added just for the fun of lists. The travel is definitely motivating wishful thinking. The Florida ones are feasible but who knows if I'll get to other this year.

  7. Come scrub my house while you are at it, I have chosen to abandon it dirty before our trip rather than stressing about it. Plenty of time to clean when we get back. You are so motivated, me not so much

    1. I only got through half my kitchen, boo ;p Envious of your travels! I just can't leave my work behind right now, I want to get caught-up with the goals in this post so I -can-, though. Guilt-free knowing I tried my hardest and can finally relax.

  8. Im glad your sales got back to the rhythm =) im currently doing exactly same thing, the first 3 months recap, im so happy with what I achieved so far. I loooooove that living room, simple and beautiful.

  9. That to do list would stress me in the short term and break me in the long term. Have you built in any time for fun?

  10. Sorry, published that by mistake, it sounds really judgmental. What I was trying to say was I admire your energy (you have a lot more than me, obviously), but make sure you have time to relax too. We all need it! X


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