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3 Savory Fall Lattes Ideas: Health-Boosting and Delicious. Caffeine-Free Options!

I love to sip from a warm mug all day long. It's a small treat as you chug through the work day. While I deeply love the smell and taste of coffee, it's not something you can sip on all day if you're the type who can't sleep if you have it after a certain time. Which is...most people. Two of these three fall latte options are nutritious, delicious, and caffeine-free!  Here's the pumpkin-spicey savory options I enjoy this time of the year:

Rooibos Cinnamon "Chai" Tea

Rooibos is a delicious caffeine-free tea that's extremely high in antioxidants. The leaves can be re-steeped several times and it has a delicious spicy flavor that pairs perfectly with pumpkin spice flavors!

2 Tablespoon Rooibos Tea (You can sub for black tea or earl grey (Try it loose or bagged)
2 Fresh Cinnamon Sticks, Crushing is optional
3-4 Cloves, Lightly Crushed
3 Cardamom Pods
3 Teaspoons All Spice

My current Etsy Shop Client has a pre-mixed variety of tea with strong a flavor that I love. (Pictured below) Hit me up if you'd like to order a bag and I can send it to you. (Nope, not paid to write that or anything else in this post.) Another tip, Pu erh  is a fermented tea that has a similar malty taste to Rooibos if you want to try that as your chai base. Delicious! Not caffeine-free.

Pumpkin Spice Coffee

There's no pumpkin in the famous Pumpkin Spice Latte, it's the seasoning that give it that addictive flavor. Mix the following with the coffee grounds of your choice:

- 1/2 TSP Ground Clove
- 1/2 TSP Ground Nutmeg
- 1 TSP Ground Cinnamon

- Optional: Vanilla Bean

Then make your brew in a coffee machine or french press as per usual. Add cream and sugar to taste.

Caffeine-Free Mock Chicory Coffee Ideas

Chicory is a delicious substitute when you want coffee flavor late at night or just without the caffeine. Sure, there's decaf, but Chicory coffee has the added benefit of being alkalizing for your body rather than slightly acidifying it like coffee does. And chicory root reduces bloating and helps with digestion. The high levels of healthy inulin provides fiber and helps regulate blood levels. Some things you can combine with ground chicory to create a delicious pseudo coffee include:

(1) carob powder (2) ground barley (3) ground almonds (4) ground dry figs (5) cocoa powder (6) vanilla beans (7) ground dried dates (8) Vanilla Bean

Mocha Chicory Coffee:
- 1 Cup Ground Chicory
- 1/4 Cup Ground Almonds
- 1/4 Cup Ground Figs
- 1/4 Cup Ground Dates
- 1/4 Cup Carob Powder
- 2 T Dates
- 1/4 Cup Cocoa Powder
- Optional: Vanilla Bean

The Cocoa Powder does add a wee bit of caffeine to this one, so you can skip it if you want it totally caffeine-free

Sweet Chai Chicory Coffee:
- 1 Cup Ground Chicory
- 1 TSP Ground Clove
- 1 TSP Ground Nutmeg
- 1 TSP Ground Cinnamon
- 1/4 Cup Ground Figs
- Optional: Vanilla Bean

Get creative with your own flavor combination. And try not to eat ALL of the delicious ground figs and dates while you're doing it. Mmmm...

Coconut palm sugar is a great sub for brown sugar and adds delicious malty flavor to your drinks

I found Teeccino Herbal Coffee while researching chicory coffee mixes to help wean my mom off of her caffeine addiction and the whole family LOVES it. Try it if you come across it at your local health food store or order it online. It's the perfect healthy seasonal treat.

More Autumn Recipes: Raw Vegan Pumpkin Pie | Healthy Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte | Try your lattes with homemade nut (like almond) milk

Are you making or drinking anything special yet for the holidays? I've been formulating different healthy holiday (and beyond) herbal spice blends and teas. It's my favorite part of the job!
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  1. Mmmm...I love Pumpkin Spice Lattes this time of year! And even better to make them at home :)

  2. All excellent ideas, Van. I love the pumpkin spice latte...but it's such a calorie bomb, a drain on the wallet, and an overkill of caffeine. I'd really like to not give up that warm cup of pick-me-up, especially when the weather gets colder. So I think I might have to try the herbal route. (But on days when I simply must have my coffee...I brew a quick cup with my Keurig and mix in mocha protein powder and a splash of almond milk, since I can't do dairy milk. It adds flavor without the guilt of a full on latte).

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting

    1. Oh yeah, the calorie difference here is STAGGERING. I calculated it last year, will have to do it again and update the post. The herbal route is perfect for night or afternoon when you want something tasty without losing sleep. I'll be updating with tons of herbal solutions learned from my studies throughout the year :)

    2. Re: Calories

      510 for a pumpkin spice latte (WOAH, at 5'3" on inactive days I don't need more than 1600) the homemade versions don't usually crack more than 80 calories and taste better.

  3. Super cool recipe ideas. A decaf pumpkin-spiced coffee for me!

  4. Now that it's become quite chilly over here I usually make a whole Thermos full of tea :)
    I love the Mocha Chicory Coffee one!

    1. We're just finally getting to the 80s midday, 68s to 70s in the mornings. I don't want the cold to come, not ready! But I like the idea of a thermos of tea for the day either way :D


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