Friday, October 9, 2015

Souvenir Shopping, Ice Cream and Exploring in Downtown Ponce, Puerto Rico

Every time I visit family in Puerto Rico we swing by downtown Ponce to take in the colorful vintage architecture, pick up souvenirs for family/friends and have one last taste of the heartbreakingly delicious ice cream from Frutas Naturales.

I always scoop up a new traditional Vejigante mask for my collection. A huge one would be nice, but they're quite pricey, all over $100. The medium-sized ones are more reasonable at around $25.00. I currently own 8 masks.

While exploring that day I desperately wanted to swim in that pool. It appeared to be a pool within a restaurant!? The hotel's pool maybe? I loved the position. The last shot has my cousin, mom and brother. My cousin cracked me up by saying the La Pulga bar pictured second-to-last was a hangout for "hippies". :D

Next time I visit I'll focus on taking better pictures of the lesser-photographed architecture. I'm not proud of the shots I got on this trip! I need to find my monopod so I can be a proper obnoxious tourist.

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