Thursday, October 1, 2015

Goozlepipe and Guttyworks: A Halloweenish Steampunk Neighborhood Gastropub

October is back! It's that magic time where retail and outdoors alike takes on browns, yellows, oranges, and reds. Everyone switches to sweaters and warm spiced lattes on default...unless you live in a tropical or subtropical region! October 1st was hot as hell here in Jacksonville, Florida! I ran upstairs to change my quarter-length cotton shirt because it felt as heavy and oppressive as two wool sweaters! On this hot first day of October we retreated one of my favorite eateries a few-minutes walk away from my apartment, Kickbacks Gastropub. October 1st is a good time to enjoy a cool, dark place filled with wunderkamer steampunk curios! Some parts are like a mad scientist's lair:

Kickbacks is two restaurants in one, in a way. The huge, ur, attachment I've been watching them construct for so long that the unfinished building is fused into my memory like a permanent tableau of the landscape, is called Goozlepipe & Guttyworks and it is absolutely gorgeous.

Note the lovely pumpkin beers on tap. I need to try those! That wine glass rack is stunning!

The parts of walls that aren't lined with pennies (yep, wall to wall, hand-glued pennies, it took 8,000 hours of work over a 10 month period and there are 1.1 million of them) have metal curio boxes, each with their own steampunk or late 1800s style compositions! So many to behold! It actually makes me sad these aren't a museum installation for easier viewing. (Rather than, you know, leaning over people just trying to enjoy their lunch without an idiot with an SLR clicking near their face.)

This is a nice one.

Or perhaps a Steampunk Pterodactyl is more your style!

Upstairs there's a lock box filled with antique-y odds-and-ends.

Colorful fantasy murals are on the walls.

Ah ha! I recognize that IKEA apothecary cabinet, I believe? I know because I used to lust for one. And you have to love a penny-lined disco ball booth!

A very striking second floor feature are windows looking out to a cyberpunk fantasy scene. The city lights are lit from the back!

Curio close-ups. The carefully-crafted museum affect is thanks to local artists. Jim smith did sculptures, Jim Smith contributed paintings, and the blacksmithing is by David Ponsler. 

Note those twin Tiffany-style lamps by the entrance. Outside that front door is a brick beer garden and the searing summer heat! Wait, did I write summer heat? Hard to forget the autumnal equinox has passed these days.

If you're local and haven't check out Kickbacks Gastropub / Goozlepipe and Guttyworks DO IT. Both sides of the resturant are comfortable, they make mixed drinks, have a large selection of beer on and off tap and the food is sinful and delicious. I love the vegetarian panini (sub for whole wheat bread, hold the cheese) with mixed veggies and sometimes order it for pick-up as a rare treat while working late into the night. 

I may need to do a post on neighborhood favorites, my sweet is lined with beautiful ones! Sometimes you don't have to travel far at all to get an eye-full of hand-crafted beauty. Even better if it comes with tasty sandwiches. /Comments Off
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