Friday, October 16, 2015

Calling All Bloggers and Creatives: Let's Collab + The Epic Goal List Update

Believe or not, I finished nearly everything on my punishing 28 Before 29! I may have completed it all if it wasn't for this damn hideous cold; the symptoms showed up 2 days before my trip to The Hostel in the Forest (where I'll be at as you read this).  The only things I didn't finish: some deep cleaning and completely polishing off my client work and my body care product catalog- though I came close to all of those.

Of course, I'm going to keep "punishing" myself by bringing my notebooks with me to continue writing eBooks and blog posts. I jest, it's not punishing, challenging, but it's something I absolutely love to to. I'm inspired to blog daily and always have hundreds of ideas.

THAT said, as I fill up my editorial schedule for the rest of the year and into the next, I want to branch out. I want more interviews with creatives, business tips, home tours, and tours of creative's collections. E-mail me, I'd love to tell your story.

Also, I'm seriously open to suggestions on blog posts, so send me an e-mail with any ideas as I plot ahead. I have blog and business improvement tips, some detailed whole living 101 type posts, interviews, DIYs and before/afters planned. All of the recipe-type posts are simple tips for adding helpful extras to your diet to keep your healthy (like my orange peel tip) rather than full-on recipes- because we're all busy and those little extras help! I'm excited about my editorial schedule for the rest of the year and beyond and excited to hear ideas from you, too!

And now, I'm finally getting off the computer (I have been up all day making random things then sitting here at the computer since 7:45PM. It's now 1:13 AM!? Aah!) I'll post updates of my blissful trip at my favorite place in the world via Instagram.

*Nope, update, too sick for my trip. :P
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