Wednesday, September 16, 2015

28 Before 29: A Simple List of Random Goals to Accomplish Before my 29th Birthday

It's that arbitrary number list part of the year again! I love to make a list of goals to accomplish before my birthday; any trick to inspire immediacy is welcome! The big thing I've learned from the last couple of year's lists... I was making life lists! I try to do everything at once and make things happen now and it creates dissatisfaction.  Now I understand not to pile on too much, and that the big goals in life will happen with small steps over time. And that's fine!

All that said, here are the 28 things I want to accomplish before I turn 29 on October 16th. 

Health Goals

1. Get out of the apartment once a day. 
2. Drink 1 green smoothie (berries or fruit/leafy greens) a day 
3. Eat 1 salad a day (Ideas here & here)
4. Take your vitamins every day
5. Consume the rest of the supplements
6. Create a healthy wake-up routine 
7. Create a healthy wind-down routine 
8. Finish 2 books

Apartment Goals

9. Finally get the donation boxes out!
10. Dust and wipe clean the whole place, ceiling to floors
11. Sweep and mop under fridge, stove, beds, everywhere
12. Hang our bikes in the hallway with hooks
13. Finishing sorting and re-hanging wall art
14. Finally finish all arranging, put up the finishing touches

I live in one of the most charming neighborhoods in the USA and don't use it. Time to change that. Of course I love shooting the kitties while I'm out.

Career Goals

15. Completely re-fresh my portfolios/resumes
16. Land one more fulfilling income source
17. New profiles on career sites + make contribution schedule
18. Take new portraits
19. Create work-day hours
20. Completely finish our new product formulations
21. Make and submit at least one pitch
22. Current product well-branded photos done
23. Finish my current client's Etsy shops 
24. Catalog done!
25. One month buffer of blog posts, done!


26. Make a home cleaning schedule 
27. Visit a pumpkin patch
28. Have a pumpkin carving gathering with horror movies
29. One more mini-trip somewhere...looks like Virginia right now. 

I like my birthday goal photos to include a photo of myself, so here's a webcam shot of me as I put the finishing touches on the post. It's 12:22 AM, I'm listening to a super informative video about the amazing disco anthem It's Raining Men (of course! his Me and Mrs. Jones one is excellent, too), drinking a delicious leftover organic fall chai tea cordial someone shared with us in Flower Essence class tonight and...nearly burning AJ's (vegan) grilled cheese sammich, aaah! (I saved it. I had to scrape the scorched crumbs off mine earlier...) I just asked AJ one for fun-thing I should do before my 29th birthday. He suggests two things I can't publish here because (a) parents read and (b) illegal.

I ask again and he says "Grow a vegetable."  I just cover my face with my hands and laugh.*


Funny thought, if I make it to loftier decades like my sixties of seventies will that be seventy things I have to do before the next birthday? :) Haha. This will be my final one of these list of goals before a birthday.

*You can grow microgreens in such time, but not any vegetable I know of. I should grow some microgreens before the 16th though, why the hell not? We need all the veg!
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