Friday, September 18, 2015

St. Augustine Weekend Stay: Lighthouse Exploration, Pizza and Beach Cruising

Last Sunday and Monday we enjoyed a lovely Inn stay at St. Augustine. I need to branch out to other cities (I've yet to stay in nearby Fernandina Beach) but I just can't stay away from St. Augustine, I adore it and visit every chance I get- yet I still haven't explored all it has to offer. This time we visited the city's iconic lighthouse.

I am horribly afraid of heights but thought it wouldn't be so bad to climb the 10th tallest lighthouse in the USA. Surely wouldn't be so bad, right?

And it wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't for...

The see-through spiral staircase of doom! I walked down these stairs with a death grip on the rails, I hated that you could see through them to the bottom of the tower! And to think, lighthouse keepers had to literally run up and down the stairs with heavy equipment all day every day!

The view at the top was beautiful...and terrifying! I kept against the wall and away from the railing but eventually inched my way to the rail.


The lighthouse keeper's family home was turned into a charming museum. It was fun to explore that after escaping the horrors of the stairwell!

By the by, before the light house we had to stop by a sports bar so AJ could watch the Jaguars game so we shared a veggie pizza and I wrote tons of business notes in my notebook. I brainstormed some ideas for holistic travel kits I need to make, hmmm! I like how the St. Augustine Mellow Mushroom had Alligators and Conquistador murals.

We stayed at the Jaybird Inn again, we love that it has bicycles for rent! We biked around the beach taking in the beautiful quirky homes and sights. I need to get a bike rack so we can have a whole-day St. Augustine biking adventure, I love this beautiful old city!

*Everything shot with my phone, camera is on the fritz.

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