Monday, September 7, 2015

A Special Labor Day Card Just For You: Cats, Horror Movie and Pumpkin Lusting

Happy Labor Day, if you're in the USA! Do you have any fun outings planned? If the weather cooperates I'll try to sneak into the neighborhood pool (this is the last day before it closes until next summer!), and if time miraculously allows, I'll go with my roomie to check out horror-themed goodness in St. Augustine! Labor day is a mixed bag for me. It's seen as the "last day of summer" - even though September is another summer month temperature-wise depending where you're located in the continental US. I love nothing more than to be submerged in a body of water under the blinding sun, but Autumn, beautiful Autumn, has its perks, too. I've been writing-up my annual horror movie reviews throughout the year (not holding back this time, if anyone needs a movie writer for your projects, e-mail me, I'm your woman, my "movie picks" posts have been taking longer because I need to edit them way the hell down! I've been breaking movies down into theme/style/influences/symbolism, they're taking over my blogger drafts!) and AJ's trying to stop me from hosting pumpkin carving/horror movie/pumpkin beer nights prematurely. A couple of Halloween decorations have already snuck their way out into the open, though, my favorite holiday refuses to be contained!

2015 is already in its final quarter, and this late into the year, I finally feel like I'm making real progress with new years goals and general lifelong ones, too. It's a time of transition and I'm at the part of my business where there's a ton of long nights and hard work, but it's so fulfilling to wake up doing exactly what I want, how I want, every day. I can say with confidence that I'm finally putting my all into making things happen lately. At least there's that! If you're a fellow business owner, you have less than two months to be well ahead of the curb and prepared for Christmas and New Years shoppers, aaah! But I'll get on that tomorrow... I'll be back with normal posts Wednesday and Friday as per usual.

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