Friday, September 25, 2015

Last Look: Beach Bar, Kawaii Machines, Kitsch Shop, Flawless Green Tea Displays

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This concludes all the shots I've wanted to share from Japan! I took this trip almost immediately after leaving my day job to work full time. I was freshly heart-broken and trying to start a vintage shop that would eventually fall through. I was on the dream trip of a lifetime, getting paid while I was gone, embarking on a new self-employed adventure and had thousands and thousands in my savings account (I miss those days) but my heart was low the night my friend JR and I sat at that sea side bar/cafe in the first photo. We walked to the shore and I looked out at the horizon. I imagined Florida on the other side of the velvety sea. I literally flew across the globe, but couldn't outrun my heartache.

I was only in Okinawa for two weeks but we accomplished so much on the trip. No moment was wasted. If we weren't out exploring, we got a lot of horror movie classics under our belt at JR's apartment via his Apple TV. (There was a dizzying selection of horror on that thing, I was a happy camper.) Nothing but time will lift your spirits when you're depressed, but new experiences are transformative. Traveling to another country and experiencing the culture, or just letting yourself get lost in a new city will change your perspective on everything forever. That's just one reason I'm so passionate about it. Even when I fly a mere 2 hours or so to Puerto Rico, when I arrive back in my neighborhood I feel like I arrived home from another planet, everything's different.

Refresh your perspective. Even if it's traveling to another part of your neighborhood. Even if it's going to your unseen neighbor's back yard. It will make a difference.

I can't wait for another international trip, or hell, a trip across country (West Coast, I miss you) but there's still plenty to explore in Florida in the meantime! I need to see Mod Miami and we have a free water park ticket to use at West Palm Beach in the near future!

Random Update: I'm updating subpages, the about and FAQ pages are changed and will keep being updated throughout the weekend. I should be getting a new camera in the mail the new week or so as well! Can't wait! My old one died and I have tons of supplies waiting for DIY and informative posts waiting to go but haven't been able to finish them with my DSLR being dead!

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