Friday, September 4, 2015

A Secret Clandestine Vintage Cubbyhole in a Hidden Thrift Store in St. Augustine

I've met many interesting people through my former career as a vintage curator and seller, and been invited into many a clandestine cubbyhole of treasures. Sometimes all you have to do is describe your vintage item interest to receive the private invite. Other times, ask, and ye shall gain the golden access. The vintage collector who owns the room photographed here lives in St. Augustine, Florida. She runs a tiny thrift store you'd miss if you blinked, I took the opposite route than I would normally take to visit my favorite beach, simply exploring my favorite city, and saw a tiny sign cardboard "thrift store" sign in the window of a UPS rental store. It's dark and random, like an abandoned storage shed, but the owner invited me into her private treasure chest when I told her I was a write and collector.

The darkness is suddenly illuminated and you're greeted by a riot of color. I forgot about that little dog! It's hard to believe that this was already give years ago! This was when I was still a full-time copywriter, slowly collecting. I'd become a reseller when people started asking to buy my finds from my blog, but not a full-time reseller for another two years.

Her collectibles aren't my style (I sold MCM to 70s wares) but I loved her clean displays and groupings by color.

The rose nook above is the perfect picture of my mom's style, though. Funny how our design muses tend to be a decade or two before we were born, maybe we can more easily romanticize the eras we didn't live through.

He tight little nook was windowless and cozy with a TV, bed and crafting station. She said she had massive storage rooms filled to the brim with items from the 20s the 70s and used old dresses for vintage fairs and shows. (Exhibiting, not much selling.)

I've bought and sold several things from her before, and I think I'll have to go back to make an appointment to explore her store rooms. I'm curious to see what's she's got from the 60s-70s. Next weekend I'll try to make time to see the vintage West Palm Beach surely has to offer for a weekend visit, let me know if you have any recommendations via e-mail! This Antiques Row and Arts district looks expensive but promising for at least a look.

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