FAQ- Thrift Core's Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you take the pictures on your website/what camera do you use?

I take all of the pictures on Thrift Core. I use a Canon EOS Rebel T2i with kit lens. I love my Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens, it makes a huge difference in my photography and I highly recommend it (affordable, too!) In the past I've used photos from Morgue Files, a free stock images site and istockphoto.

Your blog and product photos are awesome! Any pointers?

I have product photography tips here and basic photography tips here. Enjoy!

What does "Van" stand for?

It's short for my first name, Vanessa. The nick-name and my love of video games, robots, and comic books gets me mistaken for a male in the online world. (Read more about me here.)

Can you create a website banner/etsy banner/blog banner/design a website/do marketing consulting/take product photos for me?

Absolutely! I'd love to collaborate with you on that. Check out my whole list of services here!

What is Thrift Core all about?

Thrift Core is about living a thrifty, happy, healthy, creative life, in short. And documents the adventures of a kitsch, robot, and dinosaur loving reseller and creative!

How do you monetize Thrift Core?

I earn income from my antique store booth in Southern Crossing Antique Mall (booth #4504 if you're local), vintage sales to locals via Craigslist and word-of-mouth, vintage sales from my blog, advertising, my Etsy shop, and the many services I provide.

Is this a website about antiques and collectibles?

Nope! I have little to no knowledge about specific antiques and collectibles. I do post my thrift hauls from the weekend every Monday, but this is not the website to find information on the value of your vintage items.

Who works on Thrift Core?

This entire website and brand is run by me, Van.

Can you provide me with blogging and writing tips as a beginner?

I have written thousands of words to help you with your creative business and blogging, so read away and be inspired! Feel free to contact me if you have more questions.

Will you write me a guest post/Can I write a guest post for you?

I'm open to writing and accepting guest posts, please contact me with the details.

Can I interview you for my blog/publication?

Absolutely, just contact me with the details and I'll get back with you.

Can I feature your photos/one of your posts on my blog?

Yes. Please e-mail me to let me know, and make sure you provide proper credit with a link back to Thrift Core.


1) So you only eat uncooked fruits and veggies? Really?

I do cheat with cooked vegan treats here and there but try to stick to stuffing myself with uncooked fruits and leafy greens as a base. I have some nuts here and there and eat steamed veggies and sweet potatoes too. I'm always experimenting to arrive at the best solution.

2) Can you recommend a meal plan for me?

I haven't found anything that works perfectly for me yet, we're all individuals and have to find what's right for us. I liked Ani Phyo's plan, not the easiest to follow but I felt more balanced and healthy. This anti-inflamatory diet completely cleared a stubborn break-out, I highly recommend it as an easier kick-starter for a healthy lifestyle.

3) What differences do you see and feel on your vegan diet?

More energy, clear skin, gradual healthy weight loss, 100% painless gas-free digestion and elimination, complete removal of headaches and pains, and when I really stick to it and try to balance nutrition well I notice my sleep pattern is improved and I fall asleep and wake up t the appropriate times!

4) Did you gradually change your diet?

Yep. It started with bringing healthy whole treats like yogurt, oranges, and steamed vegetables for my breakfast/snacks/dinner at work. (I worked so many hours, was there from breakfast to dinner! Dayum!) When I started to work for myself I could make lentil and veggie soups, salads, and fish. Weight simply fell off, I was stuffing myself without ever feeling deprived, and my skin cleared up. From there it was a gradual switch from high nut raw veganism to high carb raw veganism. I'm always trying to improve and streamline.

5) Do you ever miss cooked food? How can you do it, ew, gross!

Cooked/bad food cravings can definitely increase if you're not eating enough which is easy to do on a vegan diet when you're busy. You really need to stuff yourself! I promise it's never boring, I eat amazing chocolates, pies, chilis, shakes that taste like milkshakes, the possibilities are truly endless. It's creative too as you challenge yourself to make healthy vegan meals taste like cooked favorites you remember. I keep sharing the photo above but damn, that's all raw uncooked food right there!

6) What are some challenges you encountered losing weight? How did you overcome them?

You're going to have cravings, you're going to plateau (when you're body sticks to a certain number on the scale and refuses to budge, an evolutionary marvel to keep us from getting too slim when food was scarce), there will likely be tears on your journey to better health. What helped me and helps most people stick with a healthy food lifestyle change is NOT making it about weight loss. I'd seriously given up on weight loss when I made my changes, I just wanted to be healthier and stuff myself with delicious healthy food. It made it about HEALTH and I knew the changes would be permanent. Weight fell off from there.

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