Friday, July 15, 2011

The Top 5 Reasons to Keep Blogging: And it Ain't For the Money!

[Blogging station: The huge windows showing the outside world tempt and tease me.]

blogging for money? You're funny! Good thing I'm a thrifty bastard that can stretch a small budget, because blogging would not be my side gig if I was in it get rich. Blogging is more than that for me, and it should be for you, too!

If blogging for money is your #1 priority, you shouldn't be blogging! These are the top 5 reasons why I blog my ass off, and why you should blog, too!

1. You will find your kindred spirits. 

I've made best buddies for life from my websites. After all, blogging and putting myself out there has helped me find you, my kindred thrifty spirit! My favorite part of blogging is making heart to heart connections with my readers. 

2. You will network and receive opportunities in your field.

I've been contacted by television producers, favorite authors, and much more through this blog. Blogging is the most powerful networking social media tool available, so don't miss out on it. Use it!

3. Your writing will improve.

Blogging is daily writing practice. You'll learn to write engaging copy faster and you'll sharpen layout and content organization skills.

[Thought I was kidding about gummy bears and beer for dinner? Ah, the life of a busy writer...]

4. Your photography will improve. 

I always felt like I had a good eye, but snapping daily photos for my blog has helped my photography improve by far! I can take better pictures faster, and I keep learning every day.

5. You'll learn, grow, and discover yourself with every single post.

Your self improvements will go beyond writing, photography, and web marketing. Blogging daily helps you make personal improvements. We improve on our weaknesses because they're highlighted when we document them. I like how Penelope Trunk says it: "Writing daily is a path to self discovery."

Keep Blogging, Keep Improving: I'm not gonna lie, I'd love to make more money from my freelance blogging efforts. But I'm not in it for that. I'm here every day because it incorporates my passion for writing, photography, thrifting, and technology. I couldn't stop if I wanted to. If you feel the same way about your blog, you're definitely on the right track even if you're not banking yet. 

Don't get hung up on the money, because blogging helps you improve in ways that are simply...priceless. < / end syrupy Hallmark Quote! >

Now Tell Me... Why do you blog? What keeps you coming back through the good and the bad?
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  1. I agree with this. Blogging isn't about the money but eventually the money and or opportunities you've been waiting for will come! Thanks for posting this! I love to thrift. Drop by my blog if you get a chance. I'm a new subscriber of yours : )

  2. Good reminders. I blog to bring awareness to things I care about and learn more about those things.

  3. nice list! i see my blog as an excuse to share what i like about vintage and thrifting, a reason to research designers and objects, and a way to connect with like-minded people.

  4. ditto! exactly what drew said!

  5. I definitely agree with the kindred spirits! I always felt a little out of place talking about my junkin' with colleagues because they didn't understand it so finding a little space on the web to share my adventures has been wonderful. I am also not much of a writer but I have found that blogging has made it a bit more liberating!

  6. Danielle: Yep, that's another lesson blogging teaches: patience! With all my creative work, I'm training myself to be happy with where I am now instead of obsessing over where I want to be.

  7. Willo: Good point, that's another reason why I love blogging, bringing awareness to the thrifty lifestyle and helping others save money and be creative!

  8. Drew & Aliya: Both excellent reasons to blog!

    Vintage Scapes: My colleagues and many of my friends don't "get" my thrifty, eccentric ways, either ;)

  9. Love this post! Blogging is not for money, but it can be a benefit. There are so many bloggers online that want to share their thoughts with others and have a meaningful conversating and I'm so happy that's the reason why you blog. I recently launched for bloggers to share their stories and read about others. I would love to hear what you would say about your thrift blog!

  10. Kelly: Thanks for commenting, I'd love to add to the conversation. You can e-mail me at if you have any ideas.

  11. I agree - and find it interesting that your points match the path I have been on with blogging. It makes me smile when my sister emails me a grammar or spelling correction - its a neat way to connect with her in our adult life. I have found some great 'friends' while blogging, and surprising to me, a bit of a 'job' supplying web site content. Short term but fun.

  12. I agree with Willo, good reminders.

    However, one of the reasons I started to blog was to hopefully make thrifting connections, local & everywhere, but it never happened. I'm kind of disappointed in that. Was really hoping to be able to meet some people in this fair city who shared my interests as nobody I know likes sailing, thrifting, flea markets..

  13. Nice list, Van. It's true. Since beginning this blog, I've developed a stronger voice (mostly comedic, albeit) and a better eye for photography. I mostly blog for my own amusement. But sometimes I stumble upon a thrifted find or an idea that I would like to share. Sharing my finds solidifies my self-proclaimed ability to unearth oddities and cultural artifacts. Plus I make new friends in the blogosphere!

  14. I started blogging as a way to share my thrifted finds with my deployed husband. But now I do it so all the people who are too intimidated to try something new. Now they can read about all my disasters and be encouraged!

  15. Sir Thrift-A-Lot - I'll be your international thrifting connection! You've already teased me with those Canadian Smarties anyway!

    Van - I wanted to let you know that I love this post and think you're a wonderful blogger. I blog to meet people like you in the thrifting community and to be creative and have a cyber space where I can just do what I like! (ps. I've spent the day chanting "eff perfection" which I thought you'd get a kick out of)

  16. i've definitely noticed the my photography has improved - i even took a short class on how to use my camera just so i could take better photos for my blog. made a huge difference. take a look at the cool photos i took on my last post!
    also, i wouldn't have met you if i didn't blog!

  17. A Vintage Green: Hell yes, that's the kind of story I like to hear. Glad you got a writing opportunity for your cute blog!

  18. Sir Thrift a Lot: I didn't intend to make connections with people in my city through this blog, but I've made so many!

    Do you have cards for your blog in local thrifts and antique stores? Keywords that point to your neighborhood in your blog? Go forth and chat with your fellow thrifters!

  19. Jackie: I feel like my true comedic voice got watered down the more I've blogged, gotta insert my silly humor into each post ;) I love your blogging style.

    Sarah: Both admirable reasons to blog!

    Flo: Thank you! I love your blog, too! And I'm amused that you've been chanting "fuck perfection." I have to make a conscious effort to remember to just get things done and move on to be productive, too.

    Need a cool vintage timer to keep on track!

    Angelika: Improving your photography skills will be a benefit outside of blogging, too- so it's awesome that blogging helped you take the leap to improve your skills!

  20. I just became a Follower because I kept seeing you on Storenvy and thought you were a mega-business person. I am so thrilled to see that you are out there selling and being creative just like me. You are an inspiration. Love your blog. Love your writing. And thank you for the confirmation that blogging can be done out of passion rather than financial gain {although it wouldn't hurt to gain a little}. Cheers - Lynda from

  21. I love what you've written here. I just started blogging last week, and all 5 reasons are what I had in mind when I started. Seeing them in print, written by someone else, just cemented everything and gave me a dose of inspiration! Thank you :)

  22. I still keep saying if I had a newer, better, faster, stronger computer I could conquer the world but I have a "thrifted" preowned model and it has made me so many connections that I could never have dreamed of when I started this. I began by reading blogs and then set up a blog just so I could sign in and make a connection. Then I discovered thrift link up parties and really found "our people."
    There are online communities just for thrifters (I Antique Online, Treasure Seekers Unite, etc)
    where (as well as here nd a few other blogs) I get an education, have fun, and take breaks from an otherwise routine life.
    I would love to make enough money blogging just to pay the electric and computer useage fees.
    Wouldn't it be wonderful to be hired as a picker or secret thrift shopper? I want to suggest to the thrift tv shows that you invite bloggers along to experience your life first hand.
    Oh- the Q was, WHY do I blog?
    Because as much as the animals do talk back, the conversation with bloggers is deeper, sometimes funnier, and readers appreciate my finds more than the cats. Dogs are surprisingly supportive of things I bring home.

    Now I need to find time to visit each of the people who commented here before me. Great group.

  23. I wholeheartedly agree. Blogging to me is more than just a hobby, it's a way to get myself out to the world.

  24. I haven't been blogging long and wonder sometimes about continuing. I think it's the 5th reason you listed. I'm learning more about myself and right now, that's good enough. Although the other 3 of the other 4 points you list are quite fitting for me as well. Glad I happened upon this.

  25. Lynda: Thank you for your kind words! Being creative isn't easy, but we all have to keep pushing through it!

    Julie: It's good that you know why you're blogging earlier into it. Many of us posted aimlessly for at least a year first ;)

  26. Dogsmom: Agreed, I need to find these pro picker jobs, that would be a dream! It would also be a dream to make enough from blogging to pay even my smallest bills!

    Kris: Yep, agreed! And I met you initially from another website, too ;)

    Debby: It's not easy to keep going when there's not much feedback or financial gain, but you'll realize it's worth it the more you keep going with it.

  27. Great post! I love Penelope Trunk. :) I'm stuck in a "I have no time to blog" period right now, which is really sad. I know I can make time, but unfortunately I'm making time for too many other things as well. I'm hoping things settle down in the fall so I can get back to posting regularly.


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