Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Giveaways, Advertise in August, and Thrift Core Updates

It's already nearly August! I am not pleased! Busting my ass for June Business Goals and working just as hard for July has made delicious summer fly by! It's already time to let you know I have advertising space available for August!

You Should Sponsor Thrift Core, And Not Just Because There are Dinosaurs, and We Love Dinosaurs...

As a Thrift Core Sponsor you receive 24/7 Support and I'll design your advertising banner if you don't have one.  Remember, I make a living improving websites. A copywriting campaign I launched recently earned my employer well over $53,850 in three months. When I look at the numbers for July alone I've earned a client $9,900. My advice earns my employers thousands, and I'm giving it to you for free when you buy an ad on Thrift Core.

Simply send me an e-mail and we'll chat about what advertising plan is right for you!

Testimonials From Happy Sponsors:

" I've doubled my friends on Facebook in 3 days...yay! Your blog has been a real boost for traffic on the website, too!" 
-Jolene, JoRetro
"Sponsoring thriftcore has been a great experience, I've seen my traffic go up, and Van is the greatest host. When she says you can write her whenever if you have to ask something she's not lying. She will give you the attention she promises! I'm really happy since I've been working with her, and you will be too. Sponsoring thriftcore feels like your 2nd home!
-Cindy Lou, eLousions 
 "Thanks for being so easy to work with!" 
-Hillary, HGTV
"Van, you have been amazing every step of the way! I love being a part of this site and mostly and thankful for your friendship. You're awesome! :D"
         -Marcia, Art by Marcia Furman
"Because Van has such a dedicated readership that trusts her, there was no question that Thrift Core would be a natural and organic way to introduce our website."
         -Jessica Blackman, Krrb

I am responsive, friendly, and helpful. Just ask any of my sponsors, they'll back me up. :) 

By the way, on the Krrb Giveaway Winner: The winner of last Tuesday's Krrb Giveaway is a frequent Thrift Core commenter and fellow 80s-90s pop culture lover, Sir Thrift A Lot! Thank you for participating!

And About Giveaways.... I have Giveaways booked for every Tuesday for a few weeks. If you're interested in a Thrift Core Giveaway, contact me.  If you want to enter a Thrift Core Giveaway, just stop by and follow the rules every Tuesday!

Do you like the Giveaways? Any requests for future ones?
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