Monday, July 18, 2011

Thrift Haul: Thrift Adventuring at the Flea Market

This weekend I thrifted with my friends Nicole and Ed until we were thrift spent. Five hours later, Nicole and I gave in to exhaustion and went home to clean up our goods for our respective shops. It's not the grandest or longest thrift adventure I've ever had, but it was fun to plot with art friends about future shows and collaborations while hunting.

Oh, look what's back, the pedantic spreadsheet I started at the beginning of this year! This was driving me crazy so I stopped tracking each purchase I made for a couple of months. It's pretty exhausting when you make lots of tiny pocket-change purchases, but for the sake of knowing my true profits, this must continue!

And HELLO, beautiful and huge velvet boat art! Nicole spotted it first but didn't have enough space for them. Luckily I have some wall space in my bedroom, so this beautiful piece and the one below are mine now! You can see the one above is damaged so I'm not selling it yet. I might repair it and paint some cool Super Mario Brothers style ghosts over it per Ed's suggestion!

This huge piece is for sale if anyone's interested. It is crazy unique, nice shapes, gorgeous vintage frame, and moody and hell! E-mail me if you're interested and I'll give you a big discount from the antique store price.(It's in Southern Crossing antique mall right now.)

I got a sweet deal on stack of vintage cook books, too! 12 beautiful ones for $5. I'll have to dedicate post to the details in these, so many lovely recipes, but my favorite part of all these books are the illustrations within.

These two "for kids" cook books are my favorites, love the jaunty colors, illustrations, step-by-step guides, and cute animal shapes in some of the recipes.

I don't buy purses unless they're very unique. This large clutch is extremely soft and the geometric shapes are interesting. I'm sure someone will appreciate it and scoop it up from the antique store.

And isn't this sun tea jar amazing? I love making sun tea so I think I'm going to hang on to this one for now. Yum, iced mint tea...

So my work is cut out for me. I have plenty of books filled with beautiful vintage illustrations to read and admire and a few things to repair. I'm going to use these illustrations as my muse for a vintage inspired art line, among other things.

What did you find this weekend?

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  1. Great haul. I love the cook books!

  2. OMG I'm in love with the boats and the purse and the cookbooks!!!

  3. great haul! i have a different version of that boys and girls cookbook that i used when i was little. i still have it.

  4. the wannabe organizer in me is completely enamored with your spreadsheet! (notice I say "wannabe"!) I must do that!

    Your first photo caught my eye because of all the red! Red is my color! :)

  5. Liz: Me too, I can't wait to do a follow-up post of their delicious contents. It's hard for me to resist vintage kitchen stuff.

    Miss Lou: The boats were a lucky score, I almost want to keep that huge viking ship one for my bedroom.

    Drew: That's so cool! I can't wait to use mine with my nieces and nephews.

    BeckyKay: Definitely a lot of red this week! I should take the "organization" further with more details and item numbers one day...

  6. Ok WOW! you have two of the three most desirable Betty Crocker cookbooks. I sold the Pink/blue one for 45.00. Both of them look to be in beautiful condition too. Two fantastic finds!!! Now personally i'd probably knock someone over to get to those velvet paintings!:)

  7. Dhamma: OH, good to know! Looks like I'm listing some cookbooks on Etsy or Ebay soon!

    I'd love it if more readers gave me hints on the value of things, I rarely research it. Need to get in that habit...

  8. I keep a spreadsheet alto, boy does it help me stay organized. I also enter, date sold, fees, and shipping cost, helps with the taxes.

    I'm starting to love those old velvet paintings.

  9. fun haul! i have that betty crocker cookbook. a total classic. aren't some of the illustrations so fantastic?

  10. Victoria: I need to do that, the more organized you are a business person, the better. I'm not sure if you can be "too organized"!

    Ana: The illustrations in the books are killing me, I love them all and want to scan practically every page in the book to share them!

  11. Those kids cookbooks are my favorite. You have some great finds.

  12. okay now i'm really curious - what is sun tea?

  13. I quite enjoy adding all my purchases to my spreadsheet (I dabble in selling things on eBay) - particularly when you see the profits add up!
    I have to do it as soon as I get home, though, as otherwise I forget what I bought.

  14. Awesome haul! Love seeing the quirky goodies you pick up.

  15. Van,
    I love vintage cookbooks and have the Betty Crocker's Boys and Girls Cook Book. The graphics are so retro and fun, along with the party ideas. You totally scored this week!

  16. Angelika: It's tea you steep by the heat of the sun instead of with a kettle. So I'd fill my cool "sun tea" jar and stick it out in the Florida heat to steep. Yum.

  17. Lost Property Vintage: Yep, same here! It has to be done immediately after walking in the door with my finds!

    Jolene: 'Twas a lucky haul of cook books! Phew, I need a market cart. Dragging those around was craziness.

    Vintage Sweetheart: Thank you!

  18. Love the cookbooks! I am so inspired by the spreadsheet. I have to start one immediately.

  19. Awesome haul! I sold a copy of that Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook on eBay about a year ago for $75!

    My mother got one for me for Christmas one year and was surprised to see how much they sold for online. Then I found one at a thrift store and made a pretty $73 profit. :)

  20. Amy: Oh, I can't wait to attempt to sell that book for some cash now ;) !!! Thank you for the kind hints!

    Ann: I use Google Docs for mine so I can access it from anywhere. I wrote a tutorial on it here:

  21. I ♥ those cookbooks for the illustrations as well. Started hoarding vintage cookbooks for about 15 years now. I have about 200 in the bookshelves that will be hard to part with.


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