Monday, July 25, 2011

Thrift Haul: Robots, Owls, Dinosaurs and 50s Goodness

I was so busy this weekend that I was only able to do a little bit of hunting at two flea markets. I still came home with a plethora of fun vintage kitchen accessories and toys. I've been avoiding thrift stores and hitting up the flea markets more and more, I've been finding more vintage at better prices!

After we all seemed to agree that owls were falling out of vogue, I avoided most owl objects this weekend. The one pictured above was an exception, it seemed unique (and large) enough to capture someone's attention in my antique store booth.

And then there were cute vintage plates, $1.00 for this set of two bird plates.

$1.00 for this pretty mod plate. I love the mod starbursts. (Salem Hop Scotch Turquoise)

$1.00 for this vintage pyrex casserole dish.

$1.00 for this groovy 60s tin file box. I love flea market pricing, It's been hard for me to make it back to a conventional Goodwill after the Flea Market!

A favorite find is this huge dinosaur print. It looks like something you'd see hanging in the kid's library section, discreetly displayed next to the shelf full of 5th grade biology books. I'm a sucker for vintage academic art, so it had to be mine! Now I just need my own study to hang it in! Perhaps next to a kitschy taxidermy T-Rex head. Or Giant dinosaur toys...

And I found another Megazord! To get an idea of the scale, you can see me posed with the first one here. The one on the left is the one I found this weekend. I love finding giant toys, they're getting harder to come by these days!

What did you find this weekend?

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  1. Let me know if you spy and dinosaur stuff you wanna sell, I'm all about the dinos. ;)

  2. Will do. :) I'll be selling dino grab bags soon.

  3. Robots AND dinosaurs!? Nice haul indeed! ;)

  4. I bought that same flower tin in a different size for a dollar last weekend! how cool!!!

    I agree about flee market prices compared to good will. Its hard for me too!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  5. Great finds. Love the dinosaur print, it would have be awesome to have when my kids were younger and so into dinosaurs.
    Karen G

  6. Brian: Yes indeed!

    The Joyful Thrifter: Yours is almost the same as mine! Same line, but mine is taller/deeper. Funny how that works ;)

    Karen: I may be nice and give it to my niece and nephew if they really want it. I haven't outgrown the childhood love for dinosaurs!

  7. My two boys would have been jumping up and down over that dinosaur print! Nice finds.

  8. I'm alwayssss looking for cute plates like those! Good finds! (Also, the dinosaur print!! Dream find!)

  9. Deana: It's a beauty, and you just don't see this kind of cool dinosaur art anymore!

    Cara: Let me know if you're interested, I'll give you a great deal ;) I can't resist good plates, but it's just me here so I can't keep them.

  10. Great haul! Love the dinosaur picture soo much!!!

  11. love the pyrex dish!!

    i posted my finds in my blog today too.

  12. cb & The Recyle-ista: Thank you! Off to check out your posts, now!

  13. Wow, it's great that you've found those specialty large toys!

  14. the plates and that pyrex is AWESOME.

  15. I found nothing as nothing is open on weekends and gsales are sad as.I am loving the dinosaur print I know 2 little boys that would love it.

  16. OMG Van, LOOOVE the dishes, Dino pic, Casserole(rockin!)and the floral box is ADORABLE! But I gotta tell you, if you keep photographing that blue glazed lamp with your stuff, I'm gonna have to come down there and steal it from you!! Yes, I have lamp envy....;P

  17. swooning over the bird plate!! love it!

  18. For the record, I'm in love with the blue bird plate.

    My brother went to the thrift store without me one day recently, and he came back with a ceramic owl statue. He knows I have a soft spot for owls (though I'm becoming more and more particular about them since they are everywhere). To me, though, the owl looked angry and scary, so gave him a makeover.

    When I posted a pic on Facebook, a couple of people said I ruined the owl, but I rather like him this way. He's dressed and ready to go to an Elton John Concert.
    Oh well, can't please everyone!



  19. Miss Lou and Cathy: Thank you. I broke the handle off the lid like an idiot so now it's on sale for super cheap if anyone wants it. I repaired it as best I could...

  20. Nelly: I haven't outgrown my 12-year-old boy stage. So glad others who read this blog haven't either ;)

    Lori C: Eek! Don't do it! So many people want to buy that lamp off me, I need to find more like it to sell!

    Pam and Dani: The duo of cute bird plates are on sale for cheap if you're interested ;)

    And Dani, I LOOOOVE the owl makeover. I've been planning to paint vintage goodies bright colors, too!

  21. The dinosaur picture is the best find everrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! I love it!!!!

  22. oh yeah and the first plate was super cute!!

  23. Kati and Bit of Butter: Thank you! It hangs in my office/dining room space now where it fits perfectly. It makes me feel like I'm in a library, it's lovely.

  24. Oh owls and dinos! That's a nice pairing right there.

    <3Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  25. Wow, those megazords are awesome!

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