Monday, July 11, 2011

Thrift Haul: Unpredictable Thrift Adventuring, Plus Dinosaurs!

I started my weekend with a thrift adventure to my favorite Florida tacky tourist stop, St. Augustine. I hit up a couple of thrifts, visited a rainy Vilano Beach...and then my Suzuki broke down! I guess you could say it was a true adventure: completely unpredictable. Good thing I got my thrift fix before the car broke on me! I found...

A lot of fun books I've already eagerly dived into. The books are: Pink Samurai- Love, Marriage, & Sex in Contemporary Japan (1991), Interior Decorating A to Z (1965), I'm Really Dragged But Nothing Gets Me Down (1968), Living At Our Best, and Who Am I a book from the 30s with odd yet interesting line drawings!

This Pirates of the Caribbean lamp was found during the week. It's so fun and interactive, you can make pirate skeleton spin his wheel and the colors really pop. I haven't been able to get it to work yet. I hope I do soon, I'm want to put it on my desk at work!

[O'Jays Back Stabbers and The Jacksons's Triumph! I love the hell out of these records.]
I scooped up three Disney records from the thrift for their artwork, and three more from Budget Records. I am so glad I went through all of their $2.00 bins because I LOVE Triumph by the Jacksons and The Backstabbers by the O'Jays. Perfection!

The striped wrapping paper in the photos will used to add some color to my antique store booth. The floral wallpaper in the photos is from my friend's boutique's moving sale (Emily's Anamoly in 5 Points). The pretty retro kitchen plaque's headed to the Antique Store Booth, too. I'm a sucker for vintage kitchen bits.

Living At Our Best
is a book from 1931. I love weathered old books like this for the texture and antiquated writing style. This one is a general health textbook.

The Adventure Update: My Suzuki must be punished for its betrayal! It's in the shop, but when it's out I want to trade it in for a more Thrifter-Friendly car. I wrote about Thrifter-Approved Vehicles, but I'm always looking for suggestions! Help!

I'm working on detailed thrifting guides for both St. Augustine and Jacksonville Florida by popular request. For now you can read my write up on Budget Records, Charming Retro Vilano Beach or see compare my favorite city to a favorite video game like a true nerd!

Tell Me About Your Weekend Thrifting Adventure!

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  1. You're going to loooooove Pink Samurai. I found that a few years ago at one of my favorite secondhand book stores. Very interesting facts in there. Also, will you be naming your dinosaur? Everyone laughs at me for naming my animal finds, especially since I always recycle the same names. Elephants are always "Stompy" and owls are always "Mr Peepers." Not terribly original, I know!

    I think you'll dig my latest find. Let's just say there's a bit of a contrast between the cigar box I found and what's inside of it. =P

    <3Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  2. Jackie: I already loooove Pink Samurai. Very interesting read already. Perfect primer to absorb before my trip to Japan (hopefully in a couple of months, eek!)

    LOVED your latest find, left a comment. It's the kind of whimsy that lights a thrifter's heart aflame! ;)

  3. My thrift vehicle recommendation is a Honda Ridgeline. It has the convenience of a truck but gets decent gas mileage and tools around town pretty well. Also, you can get A LOT of stuff in it. Not only do the back seats fold up and it has a bed but there is a trunk in the bed of the truck as well. I love mine!

  4. some great finds! sorry about the car. i have a honda element and i like it a lot. great for all kinds of thrify adventures!

  5. Hunting Tigress & Drew: Thank you so much for the recommendations! I need all the help I can get. As a thrify person, spending my cash on a new vehicle is a scary step. I want the best bang for zee buck!

  6. I kept my thrifting to Fleming Island but I did venture out on Friday to Sugar Bear's. They were having a fun summer sale and I snagged a few things...not old things, but fun things! Sorry to hear about your car, but hopefully it didn't ruin your weekend - sounds like you still had a good time.

  7. love that lamp! and i agree with the sentiment about food. :-) hope you find the vehicle that works best for you. i'll blog about my weekend later this week!

  8. Carla: Yep, it happens. Expensive car repairs give me incentive to make more and continue being thrifty-- and I got to stay in on Sunday and write/get housework done.

    I need to do some Fleming Island thrifting, we'll have to swap favorite store tips ;)!

  9. Angelika: Follow-up on your finds for me with a link so I don't forget to check it out. :)!

  10. my fave has to be the Berggren tile. Love those!

  11. Great finds! Sorry to hear about your car (I've totally been there before) but I'm glad you got some thrifting in before it betrayed you. I'm totally digging on that lamp!

  12. Boo for your car breaking down. But yay for that kitschy wall plaque! Butter & love are absolutely the same thing! :)

  13. Are you turning the dinosaur into a planter? :)

  14. The Recycle-ista: So -that's- what it's called.

    Flo: I hope I get it to work soon!

    Parsimonia: Yep, always a silver lining!

    Bounty Huntress: I should! It's a soft foamy material, but it's a possibility.

  15. I KNEW this was your post before I even clicked through Van!! loving all your treasures, if you get that lamp to work I bet you'll sell it for some good money :) Thanks for linking up

  16. Laura: Uh oh, my color vomit explosion style with toys is becoming distinctive ;) I love it.

    Miss Lou: Me too, I gotta find a victim to get it to work for me!

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