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I'm absolutely passionate about helping others live the dream of starting their own business or living a life with fulfilling self-employment, it's really my life's mission. I've been designing websites since 1997 and have been a professional copywriter, marketer, photographer and blogger since 2009. I've launched several successful art-based businesses along the way! I'm a methodical worker and a perfectionist and my favorite part of the process of setting up a business is designing a beautiful brand from the logo to the photos and copy. I know from years of experience that high quality photos, a clean, professional website and blog will earn you thousands in the long run!

I have quirky, irreverent aesthetic and sensibility that's perfect for indie business owners, but don't get me wrong, I was a finance (particular US tax law, snore!) for years, I can make a clean and professional brand design with the best of 'em! Scroll down to preview my services and read testimonials. I hope work with your soon! I want to make that jumbled business idea floating around in your brain a reality.

Product Photography Packages: $25.00 per photo or...

$500 for 25 photos, $125 savings
$1,000 for 75 photos, $875.00 savings
$3,000 for unlimited product photos for one month
Order must be at a $50/minimum

All Photos Include:

1) Basic photoshop photo re-touching
2) Basic product staging
3) Full Resolution File
4) Standard Commercial Use License
5) Extra $10 per photo for complicated staging, removing reflections and transparent objects

Detailed Business Question Phone Consultation: $200.00 and includes...

1) 1 Hour phone call where I answer all of your business questions
2) Helpful e-mailed printable with custom links to help you reach your goals
3) FREE exclusive mini business help eBook
4) FREE printed planner in the mail to help you reach your goals

Basic Budget Business Set-Up: $500
If you have a logo or don't need a 300 dpi (large print size) logo and/or already have photos of your product, this is the package for you. I'll design a banner for your blog and/or your shop, set-up your blogger blog and coordinate your chosen domain name with your blog. This all comes with a free exclusive eBook to help your be successful into the future!

1) Blog Banner Design
2) Shop Banner Design
3) Basic Blog Set-Up
4) Domain Name Set-Up
4) FREE exclusive mini business help eBook

Basic Online Shop: $1,500
1) Basic Product Photography, 25 images
2) Basic Logo Design (non-vector illustration)
3) Etsy Shop Set-Up
4) Domain Name Set-Up
5) Online Shop Set-Up (Storenvy, Etsy, or any other provider of your choice)
6) FREE exclusive mini business help eBook
7) FREE business review

Advanced Blog and Store Set-Up: $5,000
1) 2 Basic Logo Designs (non-vector illustration)
2) Blogger Set-Up
3) 2 Domain Name Set-Ups
4) Product Photography, Unlimited for 1 Month
5) Online Shop Set-Up
6) Exclusive eBook: Increasing Sales With SEO- available only with this deal!
7) Free Detailed Business Analysis
8) Unlimited E-mail Support for 3 months

Custom Projects? Let Me Know!
I would love to write, design, or take photos for your publication. Do you just need a banner and a marketing plan, or one article written? Need some photos meticulously staged for a book cover photoshoot? Perhaps you need someone trained in SEO to make a marketing or business plan for you? I love a unique project and challenge! E-mail me if you'd like collaborate on a custom project.


I just love the ad you created for me and I'm seeing an increase in site visits already!

So very excited! I have had a ton of traffic coming in from Thrift Core! Thanks Van! :D
-Marcia, Marcia Furman Art

I have been getting great traffic these days! Thank you!
-Cindy, elousions

"Vanessa is a detailed employee who is extremely task oriented and highly dependable...I can attest that her attention to task and commitment towards her job is unparalleled."
-Ron, TDN
"Thanks for being so easy to work with!"
-Hillary, HGTV

E-mail me for custom quotes, design examples or just to chat about business! I'm excited to learn about your project.


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