Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Work From Home Small Business Storage Solution: Attractive Easily Accessible Idea

When it comes to running a business out of your apartment one of the biggest challenges is keeping your work life from bleeding into your home life. When I was a reseller I had merchandise everywhere (even in my pantry, bedroom closet, hallway...everywhere!), my new business needs far less storage but it grew to where I needed a solution I could easily access but hide when not in use.

I decided on a utility shelf from Lowes after not finding what I needed thrifting (though my eye is always on the curbsides for additional solutions, I needed something fast). The curtains were a $7 fabric purchase and I fabric-glued the seams (my sewing machine's broken). I simply used tiny silver binder clips, evenly spaced, to attach the curtain to the top of the shelf and I like the look better than my initial idea to hand-sew fabric to the top to tie the curtain to the shelf. The baskets sitting at the top were $2 each at a local retail store's yard sale, found the same day.

I swear I steamed the fabric but the wrinkles came back! I have WAY too much to do to try to fix that right now. I chose white so Yuko's fur won't show. I learned that the hard way with my black fabric storage boxes I've spent many hours de-furring..

Adding my lucky Maneki Neko cat banner from Japan seemed like just the right touch for my "mini shop". I'm really pleased with how this turned out! And it even added the right touch to that corner and makes the space more cozy, after my Kon-Mari purging visitors were saying it looked like I was trying to move, the apartment seemed so empty.

When it's time to get to work I just roll-up the curtain and get to it and it's nice to be able to close it and hide the mess when it's not in use. This turned out to be a great way to hide my dry-erase task list too. Call me an OCD pedantic designer (and I am) but I *hate* seeing dry erase boards covered with writing in the combined  living space, it looks sloppy and it's just more visual communication and clutter "screaming" at you when you're trying to "relax". It would be different if I had an office with a door I could close but the office/dining/living room is combined. I'm going to hide a dry-erase calendar under here next.

And with that I must make signs and run out the door to the next market! How do you organize your supplies at home when space is at a premium?
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  1. Great idea for hiding the merchandise! My office is covered in plastic drawer bins since my merchandise is tiny. Now you are giving me the idea of putting them on shelves covered with fabric. :)

  2. So cool, love this storage solution! I have been clearing out and cleaning up my studio space in preparation for upcoming "open studio days" :)

    1. The art studio right next to me is doing an "open studios" really soon too :) 'tis the season I guess. So cool you get to participate in that!

  3. Great idea for organization! Yep I still remember those days you had merchandising everywhere :P

    1. Yeah I couldn't live like that anymore, haha. I still love vintage but it was too much.

  4. I started doing that to reduce temptation when my son was a baby to keep him form taking things off shelves - out of sight, out of mind. It worked for him but it didn't work for the other kid though.

    1. That's a good idea, too. It does keep my kitty out of my work mess.

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