Advertising and Business Help Services: A Fresh New Start for 2015

When you advertise on Thrift Core for 2015 you will be:

1) Listed on a promoted "Master List" with detailed information about your website.
2) Receive an ad on my side bar that's rotated so everyone gets a spot at the top.
3) Get First Dibs on giveaway and guest posts.
4) Shout Outs to social media followers, thousands strong.

Quick Credentials Recap: I have a business, marketing, and copywriting background and have been making websites for nearly 16 years. I spent three years training with experienced Search Engine Optimization professionals learning the ropes at a company that was named by Forbes as the fastest growing business in my city. I looked at the numbers in the sales system and know I helped them earn thousands monthly. Taking what I learned there and my own prior experience on the web I was able to create my own thriving online business and it all started with and centers around Thrift Core. You are here!

You're My Type: I actually turn down a lot of ad requests because I respect my readers and want to keep Thrift Core authentic down to the advertisements. They have to be something I'm truly passionate about. If you've found your way here and are reading, you are what I'm looking for. Ebay Stores, Etsy Shops, indie business and artist shops of all kinds, blogs, indie biz/thrift/creative eBooks, thrift/frugality/thrift store related projects and whole living websites/shops are of particular interest to me and relevant to this year's content.

Real Deal: I like to experiment and buy advertising for my business too, and NOTHING I've paid for gives me more traffic and revenue than Thrift Core. (All ads below designed by me for my advertisers.)

Small Ad: 300 x 55, $25.00 per month

 300 x 112, $35.00 per month

300 x 239, $50.00 per month

It's sincerely my passion to help small business owners, it's what I do every single day on this website by sharing the sometimes gut-wrenching behind-the-scenes and up-and-downs of my business so you can learn from my mistakes or be inspired to take the leap to live a life outside the Status Quo. You don't have to work for the man, break free!

I provide banner design, web design, blog design/set-up, web marketing, and business counseling services for the fairest price I can provide. E-mail me if you're interested or have any questions.

Let's make 2015 the best. year. Ever! I'm ready for a bold, fresh new start. Don't hold back!
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