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(1) General Indie Business Tips / (2) Reselling / (3) Antique Mall Selling Tips + Updates / (4) Blogging Success / (5) Business Inspiration / (6) Goals + Lists / (7) Indie Business Confessions / (8) The Shop / (9) Etsy Tips & Success / (10) Branding Design / (11) Random Updates / (12) Creative People + Cool Shops

General Indie Business Tips // Back to Top

  • The Loudmouth Lifestyle and Thrift Core's 10 Tips for Early Entrepreneur Money Pains
  • 5 Vintage-Life Lessons: What I've Learned Running a Creative Business + Tips For You
  • 10 Frugal Start-Up Funding Suggestions: No Loans, No Problems. Free Business Ideas.
  • Indie Business Riddle: Which Route to Take, Quantity or Quality? Choose Well.
  • Indie Business Pricing: 10 Pricing Strategy Lessons. How Do You Price Your Work?
  • My Household and Small Business Accounting Method: How Do You Track Your Spending?
  • Banish Intertia and Seize Your Life Once and For All With Two Simple Action Steps
  • Your Top Biz Questions Answered: Boost Sales, Shipping Help, Leaving the "Day Job"
  • 10 Tips Work Morale Boosters for Tough Times: For Freelancer's 9-to-5ers and You!
  • IKEA Hack DIY/MODify: Easy Roller Blind Professional Photo Backdrop Set-Up
  • DIY Thrifty Photo-Taking Station for Blog Posts and Reselling or Art Product Photos
  • When Struggling With Sales, Remember This Tip (Via Virgina Ross Vintage)
  • To Sell Online or Locally? How to Decide Where to Sell Your Art and Vintage
  • My Branding History + Tips for Streamling Your Biz, Online and Off
  • Damn, I Made it Look Too Easy: Getting Real About Leaving the Day Job
  • 5 Ways to Reboot Creativity for When You Just...Can't...Any...More...
  • 5 Kick-Ass Productivity Tips For When You Just Can't Fit in One More Task
  • Do Your Own Thing with Integrity: A Special Artist's Quote + Silencing Your Inner Critic
  • Small Business Success Tip: Invest in Your Business and Yourself
  • Product Photography Basics: Boost Sales and Visibility on Etsy and Beyond
  • Let's Talk About Money: How To Earn Exactly What YOU Want
  • Creative Business Tip: Your First Instinct is Right. Follow Your Heart.
  • 10 Easy Ways to Get Shipping Supplies for Free- Or Close To It!
  • Answering Your Questions: The First Step to Starting Your Own Business
  • Antique Store Wisdom: What I've Learned 11 Months in...
  • How to Know You're Ready to Quit Your Day Job + Freelance Updates
  • 5 Lessons I Learned From Being a Vendor at the Riverside Arts Market
  • Start Your Online Business: Inspiration for Success
  • 5 Growing Lessons for Plants and Businesses

Reselling // Back to Top

  • Dear Reselling Diary: Still Tempted to Quit my Antique Mall Booths and Other Confessions

  • Honest Reseller/Indie Biz Talk: What's Selling, What's Not, and How to Sell ANYTHING

  • Reselling Update: eBay vs. Etsy, Nearly $700 in Two Days, and Other Revelations

  • Storing Your Thrifted Finds: Who Needs Food When You Have Vintage Swag?

  • Merchandise Room Tour Take Two + Taking a Long Thrift Fast. Maybe.

  • Online Reseller Starter's and Organization Guide: Your Beginner's Checklist

  • Thrift Store Reseller Hated, Banning & Security Escorts: Ever Heard of This?

  • So How About That Mad Men? Mad Men's Relationship to Reselling

  • Reseller Shipping Station Evolution + Curbside Find Bookshelf Before and After

  • Product Photography Basics: Boost Sales and Visibility on Etsy and Beyond

  • Thrifty Upcycled Packaging Ideas: How Do You Ship Goods?

  • Thoughts on Reselling and My Merchandise Room Tour

  • 5 Short-Cuts and Tools for Cleaning Thrift Store and Flea Market Scores

  • Why Reselling is the F*cking Best Job Ever! No Regrets, No Surrender.

  • Warning: Retail Giants are on to us! Vintage Reproductions, your thoughts?

  • Reselling Experiments: Vintage T-Shirt Haul and Selling Vintage Clothing

  • 5 Reselling Tips: Make Merchandise Irresistible, Increase Sales!

  • 10 Easy Ways to Get Shipping Supplies for Free- Or Close To It!

  • Thrifting and Reselling Storage: Where Do You Store Your Scores?

  • Thrifting and Taxes: Your Top Thrifting-Tax Questions Answered!

  • Cleaning Your Thrifted Finds: Tools from the Dollar Store

  • Huge Vintage Haul Giveaway from The Recycle-ista! (+ Reselling Tips!)

  • Bit of Butter Betty Draper Giveaway + Tips To Organize Your Thrift Hauls

  • Mad Men Giveaway + Interview with Mod Shop "Bit of Butter"

  • Asaaan Bazaar: Vintage Giveaway and eBay Tips Interview!

  • Top 3 Free Reselling Tools You Need to Use!

  • The 90s is Vintage Now. How Do You Feel? Old?

  • Q&A with Cari of Cash & Cari: Tips for Your Reselling Business


  • It's Time to Take Your Thrifting Seriously: Keeping Track

  • Top 5 Reseller Tax Tips

Antique Mall Tips and Updates // Back to Top

  • New Thrift Core Custom-Stamped Price Tags, It's the Little Things
  • My Branding History + Tips for Streamling Your Biz, Online and Off
  • Small Biz Changes: Saying Goodbye to my Bigger Anitque Mall Booth
  • A Look at Owl Really's Kitschy Antique Mall Booth + Selling and Buying Tips
  • Learn How to Earn $1K Per Month From Your Antique Mall Booth with Jay
  • Antique Mall Update and Reselling Confession: Sometimes I Wanna Quit
  • Movin' On Up: Finally, A Large Antique Mall Space, First Incarnation
  • Antique Store Booth DIY: Chalkboard Sign Revamp + Thoughts
  • Antique Store Booth Update: The Tale of Three Booths, Now One
  • Antique Store Wisdom: 3 Stores. 3 Months. 3 Trends.
  • Cheater's Guide to Antique Booth Victory: 6 Crucial Start-up Steps
  • Antique Store Wisdom: A One Month Three Store Update
  • Antique Store Wisdom: Neon Novelty Merchandise Tags. Sexy!
  • Five Points Antiques: Thrift Core's Third Antique Store Space
  • Antique Store Wisdom: Answering Your Top Antique Store Questions
  • Antique Store Wisdom: How to Make over Four Figures a Month!
  • Antique Store Wisdom: Two Month Check-in. A Tale of Two Stores.
  • Antique Store Wisdom: Rebranding Progress. Sexy New Price Tags!
  • Treasure House: My New Antique Store Space
  • Antique Store Wisdom: Goals + Action Steps for 2012 Sales
  • Antique Store Wisdom: The September Sales Update
  • Antique Store Wisdom: Sales Trends and Surprises
  • Antique Store Wisdom: The August Sales Report
  • Antique Store Wisdom: A Late August Check-In
  • Antique Store Wisdom: Crafting Fun Sets to Increase Sales
  • Antique Store Wisdom: A Bigger Booth and Increasing Sales
  • Antique Store Wisdom: A Frank Look at the Numbers
  • Antique Store Wisdom: The 6 Month Update
  • Antique Store Wisdom: 10 Actions to Improve Booth Sales, NOW!
  • Antique Store Wisdom: The Vintage Cabin's Expert Selling Tips
  • Antique Store Wisdom: Finding the Best Antique Store
  • Antique Store Wisdom: The Four Month Update
  • The Answers to Your Antique Store Booth Questions
  • Antique Store Wisdom: Should You Rent A Booth at the Antique Store?
  • Antique Store Wisdom: Don't Underprice Your Items

Blogging Success // Back to Top

  • My Top 7 Favorite Thrift Core Blog Posts. Looking Back on 5 Years of Blogging.

  • What Annoys the Hell out of You On Other Blogs? Let's Get Frank and Troubleshoot

  • MORE Things Your Blog Needs But Doesn't Have + Google Reader Alternatives

  • Blog Post Behind-the-Scnes: The Pedantic Thrift Core Writing Process

  • Ultimate Blogging FAQ: How to Get Readers, Traffic, Advertisers, & More!

  • Your Essential Top 10 Blog Checklist: Steps to Take Before You Blog

  • The Secret to Making a Living from Blogging, from the Inside

  • The Ultimate Blogging Guide: Answers to All of Your Blogging Questions

  • Shocking Truth: Top 5 Blogging Tips I Never Follow

  • The Top 5 Reasons to Keep Blogging: And it Ain't For the Money!

  • 5 Features Your Blog Needs: But Doesn't Have!

  • How to Back Up Your Bloggr Blog- Don't Let Blogger Eat it!

  • Blogging Resouces You MUST Read to Be Success

  • Top 5 Tips for Blogging Success

Business Inspiration // Back to Top

  • The Mexican Fisherman and the American Businessman: Your Money Woe Solution

  • Wake Up and Live: A Story From My Marketing Nadir + Indie Business Help For You

  • A Muse: IKEA Showroom Exploration Inspiration. Organization Ideas Aplenty.

  • Vision-Booking: Accomplish Dreams, Conquer Doubt, and Reach Goals. It's Science!

  • Odd Jobs...In Every Sense: An Entreprenuer's Job Journey and Paying Your Dues

  • A Secret Formula for Knowing Business is Booming: Your House Looks Like Shit

  • Retail Vouyer- Tip for Curating Vintage, Handmade, Art- Window Shop!

  • The Strangest Secret to Accomplishing Your Dreams: This WILL Work

  • Success Takes Time: A Four Year Check-In. Never Give Up!

  • Brick & Mortar Update: Branding, Searching, and Planning

  • Tip for Conquering Fear: Don't Let it Keep You From Your Dreams

  • Blogging Tip: Want a Better Blog? Be a Grasshopper.

  • Freelance Life Update + What to do When You Hate Your Job

  • Dream Big for the New Year: A Story of Success. Never Give Up!

  • Japanese Business Inspiration: Art, Craft, and Design Overload


  • Small Business Inspiration Hunting: Get Inspired Everywhere

  • I Know About Your Thrift Shop Dreams. Yes, I Do.

  • My Writing Career Confession: From the Me of the Past

  • My Favorite Dumpster Find and a Story of Risk

Goals + Lists // Back to Top

  • Thrift Core and Life Updates + To Do List Updates, Progress, My Big New Antique Mall Booth

  • The Epic Quarter-Year List: Projects, Short-Term to Do and Wish List. For Fun.

  • Selling Experiments 2014: Raising Sales, Antique Mall Updates, Crafting Merchandise

  • The 2014 Thrift Core Projects List: Turning Business Musing into Action

  • 2013 in Review: 5 Successes, My Biggest Failure, and Hope for 2014's Fresh Start

  • Thrift Core 2014: Whole Living, Thrifting, Frugality, Art, Indie Business, Robots...

  • 14 Before 2014: An End of the Year Business and Home Goal List. Theme: Curate!

  • Yesterday's Brush with Death: 26 Before 27 List Nearly Cost me My 27th Birthday

  • 26 Before 27: Dreaming Big Before a Landmark Year. What are Your Life Goals

  • "Secret" Thrift Core Plans for 2013 + Happy New Year!

  • Take the 13 Before 2013 Challenge + Five New Years Resolutions

  • Half-Year Check In: What Are Your Goals for 2012?

  • Sunday Goals 20 & 21: The Organization Intensifies

  • Sunday Goals 19: Back to Mission Organization

  • Sunday Goals 17 & 18: Work, work, work harder than ever!

  • Sunday Goals #16: Settling in, Purging, and Selling

  • Sunday Goals #15: Moving, Organzing, and Getting to it!

  • Sunday Goals Week 14: Launching, Up & Away, Get 'Em!

  • Sunday Goals 13: Kicking "Lazy: In the Face. (And Balls!)

  • Sunday Goals: Getting the Merch Out, Out, Out of Here!

  • Sunday Goals Week 11: Make it Happen. Do it Big!

  • Sunday Golas Week Mine: Time to Get Organized! (Like Batman!)

  • Sunday Goal Week Eight: Gettin' the Money and Staying Busy!

  • Sunday Goals Week 7: By the Power of Grayskull...Progress, Ho!

  • Sunday Goals Week Six: Fixing the Work-Life Balance

  • Sunday Goals Week Five: Time to Buckle Down!

  • Sunday Goals Week Four: Getting Back to Basics

  • Sunday Goals: Week Three + Creative Mojo Returns

  • Sunday Goal Week Two: Follow-up + Giveaway Winner

  • Sunday Goal Follow Up: Week Two + Giveaway Winner

  • 12 Before 2013 Follow-Up: Starting 2012 with a Clean Slate

  • Tag, You're It! What Are Your New Years Goals?

  • Twelve by 2012: Let's Start the New Year with a Clean Slate

  • Hardcore October: Setting Goals, Getting Organized, Giveaways...

  • Progress Report: What Creative Projects Are You Working On?


  • Chistmas in September: Let's Get Ready NOW!

  • Summer Biz Goals Follow-Up

  • Summer Biz Goals 2011

  • 4 Simple Goals: What Are Yours?

Indie Business Confessions // Back to Top

  • Let's Talk About Money and Biz Problems: A Candid "You Shouldn't Talk About This" Post

  • Why I Keep Selling Vintage Despite the Doubts: More Honest Insider Confessions

  • Antique Mall Update and Reselling Confession: Sometimes I Wanna Quit

  • A Real Look Behind The Scenes: I Don't Do It All. Hell No.

  • 5 Confessions From a Busy Thrifty Professional: Finding Balance

The Shop (NOW Cancelled) // Back to Top

  • The Thrift Core Brick and Mortar Story and Update + Lessons Learned

  • How to Make Big Bad Buck Reselling: New Name. New Chapter.

  • Brick & Mortar Update: Branding, Searching, and Planning

  • Dream Shop: The First Thrift Core B&M Presentation

Etsy Tips & Success // Back to Top

  • Q&A With Top Seller Ismoyo: Market, Increase Sales, and More

  • Product Photography Basics: Boost Sales and Visibility on Etsy and Beyond

  • Adventures in Etsy Selling: Some Tips From Me, Some Tips From You

  • Top 5 Favorite Flea Market Find sof 2012: What Are Your Favorites?

  • Hot Damn, The Thrift Core Etsy Site is Finally Launched! Beautiful!

Branding Design // Back to Top

  • Branding Behind the Scenes: Price Tags, Business Cards, and my Pedantic Creation Process

  • New Thrift Core Custom-Stamped Price Tags, It's the Little Things

Random Updates // Back to Top

  • Thrift Core Projects Recap 1: A Confusing Meandering Guilty Week of Blah

  • Sally Ann's Upcycled Business: An Inspiring Vintage Travel Trailer "Mobile Boutique"

  • Halmoni Vintage: Tips For Starting Your Own Brick & Mortar and Living the Dream

  • Vintage Shop Interview with Viva La Thrifty: An Inspiring New Boutique

  • 10 Artist Tips from Boykin Art Studios: Go From Amateur to Pro with Your Business

  • Sponsor Hello: They Heydey Shop's Lessons on Being Successful Yet Sane

  • Sponsor Hello: Drew of Kitsch Cafe's Etsy Reselling Tips

  • Ismoyo's Etsy Reselling Tips: And Going From Blog to Published Book

  • Brian Adams Turns His Pop Culture Passion into a Dream Job

  • Art Walk Interview: Thrifter and Artist Teresa of Artefact Redux

  • Art Walk Interview: Meredith's Tips for Creative Business Success

  • Artist Interview: Edbot5000 and His Retro Robot Nintendo Art


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