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My name is Vanessa (AKA "Van"). Welcome to Thrift Core, a blog about thrifting, saving money, and being creative. I'm a full time copywriter and marketer, an eclectic thrifty soul, and a lover of kitsch. You can learn 7 Fun Facts about me investigate the About page for more info.

Come Say "Hi!": I update Thrift Core Monday through Friday with fun and informative blog posts. I love befriending and collaborating with my kindred thrifty-creative spirits. If you've got questions or just want to say "Hey person!", hit me up on -Twitter-, -Facebook-, -E-mail me-, or Leave a Comment.

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Every Monday
I blog about my thrifted finds from the weekend (Thrift Hauls). Throughout the week you can expect chats with Thrifters Around the World, Antique Store Booth Tips, Creative Business Tips, and Helpful Blogging Tips.

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Thank you for reading Thrift Core! If I've inspired you to thrift more, work on your creative business, dumpster dive, or more...please let me know! I love hearing your feedback. If you have any questions, ideas, or want to contact me with opportunities, use my simple contact form. Chat with you later!

-Thrift Core Guides- 

Thrifting Tips 
Top 3 Tips for Thrift Lovemaking
Find the Best Local Thrift Stores
What to Buy Used and What to Buy New
How Thrift Shopping Makes You More Creatively Productive
Top 5 Books for Thrift Inspiration
Top 5 Reasons to Buy Used Furniture
10 Thrifty Tips from Brini Maxwell

Dumpster Diving
Dumpster Diving Tips for the Uninitiated and Helplessly Cheap
My Favorite Dumpster Find and a Story of Risk
Thrift Haul: Trash Hunting for Treasure

Blogging Tips

Top 5 Tips for Blogging Success

Blogging Resources You MUST Read to be Successful
How to Back Up Your Blogger Blog
5 Features Your Blog Needs: But Doesn't Have!
Thrifty Web Design Tools: Sharpies, Colored Pencils, and Crayons

Getting Organized
Thrifter's Decluttering Guide: Learn the Rules

Thrifter's Decluttering Guide: Tackle the Surface
Thrifter's Decluttering Guide: Closets, Cabinets, and Junk Drawers
Thrifter's Decluttering Guide: Sell Your Trash for Cash
Your Room Needs Art
Bedroom Closet Before and After
A Tidy and Practical Closet
Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

Thrifty Biz and Artist Interviews
5 Lessons I Learned from Being a Vendor at the Riverside Arts Market
Art Walk Interview: Artist and Thrifter Teresa of Artefact Redux

Art Walk Interview: Meredith's Tips for Creative Business Success
Art Walk Interview: Animated Thrift Fun with Old School Junk
Artist Interview: Edbot5000 and His Retro Robot Nintendo Art
Brian Adams Turns his Pop Culture Passion into a Dream Job

Antique Store Booth Tips
[2/02/2011] Don't Underprice Your Items
[2/10/2011] Should You Rent a Booth at the Antique Store?
[2/16/2011] Stage Your Booth Like a Pro and Increase Sales 
[3/03/2011] The Answers to Your Antique Store Booth Questions
[5/03/2011] The Four Month Update (A Candid look at my Sales)
[5/11/2011] Finding the Best Antique Store
[6/02/2011] The Vintage Cabin's Expert Reselling Tips
[6/09/2011] 10 Actions to Improve Booth Sales, Now!

Thrifters Around the World
[2/15/2011] Thrifting Pro Miss P From the UK (Part I)
[2/22/2011] Thrifted Treasure's Alice from Australia
[3/01/2011] Thrifting Pro Miss P From the UK (Part II)
[3/08/2011] Switcheroom's Elle From the Philippines
[3/16/2011] eLousion's Cindy From Puerto Rico
[3/30/2011] Ashleigh's Thrifting Tales from Taiwan and Tokyo
[4/15/2011] Kimberly's Thrifting from France to Germany
[5/13/2011] Thrifters Around the World: Thrift in Vancouver, Canada with SixBalloons 
[5/19/2011] The Vintage Cabin's Becke from Toronto 

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