Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Create a Plushie in 5 Simple Steps

People ask me how I make plushies at the Riverside Arts Market. I told them the truth, I doodle on paper, pin it, cut it, sew it. This can be deceptively difficult depending on the amount of details you want your creature to have. For example, last week I attempted to make a quick and easy plushie tutorial that turned into a 5 hour nightmare! This time I opted for something simple.

[Note, July 8, 2010: Sorry for the lack of pictures on this post, the old pictures were lost. Will do a remake of this post soon!]

Step One. Draw and cut out your patternSimple is key here, remember, you'll be sewing this! I roughly sketched and cut out a mushroom.

Step Two. Cut, Pin, Cut
Cut out your pattern. It's a good idea to fold it in half to see if both sides are even. Make some refinements by cutting off uneven edges. Then fold your fabric in half, pin your pattern to the fabric, and cut it out. You can cut wide and make refinements later.

Step Three. Details
The details must be added before you sew your plushie together. This is the most time consuming step of the process. I recommend brewing some tea, popping some popcorn, and putting in a movie. I decided I would stop adding the details to mine when I was sure my mushroom would keep children up and night. This one is actually scaring me, so it's perfect. (Black felt mouth, white embroidery thread for his teefz).

Step Four. Sew
You can hand sew or use a sewing machine, but make sure to leave a gap for stuffing. You'll stitch up the gap after it's stuffed. I use clear nylon thread to do this.

Step Five. Stuff it
Bring it to life! Stuff it full of fluff. By this point you'll notice your mushroom staring disdainfully at you. Already, it's saying, "I didn't ASK to be born." Heh. Kids.

Make more! This is a simple process, and it's fun way for a sewing novice to gain experience. Your mistakes add charm and character to your new creepy creations. I dub mine, "Not-So Cuddly Creatures". I can't wait until I have time to make more of them!


  1. I did an extra good job on him. That's why he's not for sale! The back has this awesome vintage purple diamond fabric.

  2. I dig your plushies,,, I've seen mushrooms that've looked at me with that same expression...

  3. Ummmmm whats the best place to buy the fabric and materials- thats cheap please?

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