Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Ruins" in Jacksonville, Florida & Portraits

I was raised in Naples, Italy. I'm debating it, but I think I miss the "ruins" more than the food.

The picture above is from our family albums. I miss places like this. History, texture, nature reclaiming the land. There's very little of this in Florida.

However, in a clandestine location we managed to find the remnants of a large garden. There's stone steps, seats, abandoned bird baths, and interesting textures. Underneath the large tree were some stone stairs. We sat and took some pictures.

I thought it would be a great place for some impromptu photos. I really like to be the one taking pictures, I hate being photographed. Particularly because of how un-photogenic I am. Example, Prom pictures- my date's dad only saw me from the picture. When he saw me in real life he thought I'd had an extreme make over done. Said I looked "Soooooooo" much better- did he have to be that emphatic?

I can't wait to drag more people here for some creative photoshoots, the lighting, the view of the river, and all of the lush green demands it.


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