Monday, October 26, 2009

Sexy Misogynist Booze Cards- Only From Your Local Thrift Store!

I went to Goodwill this weekend. The thought train went something like, "I'm bored. Forgot what I was supposed to do. Oh look, a Goodwill."

"Run along now, Man Talk." -James Bond

I'm glad I stopped in, I found a Sexy, (intentionally) Misogynist set of retro cards for $1 dollar and 2 other sets quite like it for the same price.

I like how each illustrations all feature a suave man with a scowl on his face while leering at a woman. I also like how the set is called "Swingin'" and the cool box it comes in has a man checking out another babe while he's on a date. Scandalous!

Also found a box set with retro style cocktails, $1.

And yet another matching box set with Retro fun Cubano style, $1.

The retro finds remind me of a pimptacular antique store I have to check out next time I'm in Sarasota. I picked up an Florida antique newsletter for the first time and saw an ad for this place:

Jack Vinales Antiques! Next time I'm visiting Sarasota, stopping in will be mandatory.

I'm still in the middle of a purging process, so bringing in extra bits like these fun cards is detrimental. I'll justify it all by imagining it all has resell value! I've been reading these tips on successful reselling- the author made over $30,000 in one year from thrifting. (For some of us, that's living the dream.) Perhaps I'll employ some of her methods to rid of some potentially valuable clutter around these parts.


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