Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in St. Augustine, 2009

My Favorite Shot of the evening.
After dinner with the family and the present exchanging session was through Mike and I drove 40 minutes south to enjoy the empty, charming streets of St. Augustine. Here's a few "Postcards" of a very Florida Christmas.

We walked far to discover an inn with an enchanting lit garden on display.

Christmas Lights- one of the few consolation prizes for braving cold weather.

Amazing view from a hotel terrace. I loved sitting in the chair and having palm fronts hanging above my head.

A damn fancy pool and spa area.

We had so much fun that we have to go back the next day. Here's the Highlight Reel:

The picture says it all.

A long chat in a dark lounge with visitors from Scotland and England.

Gentlemen: We share this Room with our Lady Friends. We aim to please. You Aim Too...PLEASE!

The Christmas Season is blissfully over! Thank goodness it only happens only once every year. Although earnest, I wouldn't mind more long weekends and days off!


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