Monday, January 11, 2010

Antique Store Therapy

Saturday was stressful and freezing (I've had enough of this Record Freeze. I want Spring back.) While driving home from a frozen day at the farmer's market I spotted an Antique Store. I dove within and let the warm, full, eclectic, cozy interior maze of vignettes melt my stress away.

I now own the Ice-O-Mat, a steal at $7.00. Temping to bring the vintage fabric valance home as well.

A gorgeous Chinese tea set

How can you go wrong with this combination? An owl, praise for thriftiness, and good graphic design. This vintage sign would have come home with me if it wasn't $45.

A fun collection of owls

I love owl's expression on this cup

A very interesting plate set

I love the rich colors and design of this piece, nice texture!
I started by picking up a couple of post cards but decided to go all out and buy anything else that inspired me. $48.00 later I felt completely relieved and renewed. That's the power of thrifting for a dedicated thrifter.


  1. I SO want the Chinese tea set.

    Love your writing style, blog, and photos. I'll come here for 'blog therapy'. :)

    1. I now own the Ice-O-Mat, a steal at $7.00. Temping to bring the vintage fabric valance home as well. اندی

  2. I'm always glad to find other who can't resist the hypnotic pull of the unique items that come from thrifting and crafting!

    Thank you for the compliments.

  3. My goodness, you did bring in the haul. And I'm so jealous. It feels like months since I brought home a fabulous haul and I miss it. Aren't we funny? I have the same thermos. Actually I bought quite a few of them at a store that was closing. They were very cheap and I thought they would make great gifts. I sold most of them at my yard sale in the end but I did keep a couple for myself. I never used them because the plug is so intimidating. But it sure is pretty.

  4. The blue sakura blossom "thermos" or the retro red capped thing pictured? The one pictured didn't make it home with me, and I can't figure out what the sakura blossom "thermos-like" thing truly is. Horrors!

  5. I'll grab the owl mug and the gorgeous valance - I would love to transform it!


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