Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Learned to Knit: I can do ANYTHING. I am BATMAN.

Remember that indescribable elation you felt on your first bike cruise sans training wheels? When you earned your driver's license? (Your first orgasm?)

I have a story of equal magnitude. I did what I determined was impossible: I learned how to knit. I am Invincible. I am BATMAN!

I tried to knit at my friend Emily's weekly Craft Night sessions. I tried for hours, but I couldn't catch on. Later that night I followed along with Knitting YouTube videos. Two hours later, I gave in to despair. I gave up.

I met Jo Day at 5 Points Coffee and Spice a few weeks ago. I admired her beautiful knitting enviously and she offered to instruct me in its secret arts. I took the offer, but I was positive that learning was impossible.

It took me a few hours (we started at 7:30PM and parted at 12:30AM*) but I got it down. I did what I set in my mind was impossible. I am a knitter!

It's been years since I've accomplished something I truly determined was impossible. This is a welcome change. I became complacent. I got by on the skills I already have, and I gave up on learning new skills too easily.

FrankenKnit lives in chaos. He fights despair, he saves with inspiration. He's a sexy muse.

I call my first piece my FrankenKnit. The mistakes are obvious, but mothers love their children unconditionally. I've been adding one new line of stitches to my FrankenKnit daily. When I devote more time to it, FrankenKnit will become FrankenScarf.

Every time I add the row of stitches I'm awed. It's amazing to see my fingers making the motions. It's surreal to see myself knitting. I accomplished the impossible; I am Invincible.

Often, it feels like I'll never accomplish some of my long standing goals. I'll never become financially independent, never learn fluent Spanish, or never make a perfect roll of sushi.

But I am a knitter. So learning no craft is impossible. I can learn anything; I can do anything.

I'll start a new habit. Every time I'm beat down by hundreds of SEO articles due at work, learning a new language, or learning a new sewing skill, I'll pick up the knitting needles and add another row to a scarf. Every time I begin to think "this is impossible"- I'll prove nothing is impossible with my magically acquired knitting skills.

FrankenScarf is ugly, but he's given me a valuable lesson.

*I send a heartfelt thanks to Jo Day for patiently enduring my frustrated attempts at knitting for hours on end!


  1. When I first met you I sincerely thought 'christbombs...she's BATMAN', and this blog entry (lol - 'entry') only goes to confirm such things.

    Congrats on knitting success :) I fully intend on becoming a good enough friend to warrant something knitted for my birthday :)


    1. I'll start a new habit. Every time I'm beat down by hundreds of SEO articles due at work, learning a new language, or learning a new sewing skill, I'll pick up the knitting needles and add another row to a scarf. Every time I begin to think "this is impossible"- I'll prove nothing is impossible with my magically acquired knitting skills.داریوش

  2. Being compared to Batman is one of the highest compliments one can give, I'm so honored.

    I hope that I'll be the PIMP of knitting and able to produce something of better quality than "FrankenKnit" when your birthday rolls around!

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