Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The First Thrift-Haul of the New Year (Or Confessions of a Japanophile)

It's official. I'm not allowed near another Thrift or Antique Store for at least two weeks. I used shopping as therapy and bought home a few goods on Saturday, it lifted by spirits but it was detrimental to my Crusade for Organization (Or, "The War on Chaos"). I'll admire my prizes to fill the Thrift/Antique store void in the meantime.

This is my haul from Saturday January 9, 2009:

Hagoita Paddle

I confess that I had to research the name for this vintage-looking ornamental Japanese paddle. I recognized it from Japanese New Years celebrations, but I didn't know the name. These paddles were traditionally by young girls to play a badminton-like game. The game is rarely played now, but these paddles are still regularly decorated and sold in Japan.

After I spent a while trying to find the name of the paddle, I saw that "Hago-ita P." is written on the back of the Paddle in Pencil. The Paddle is damaged, but still a unique, interesting find and worth the $4.00.

Japanese Post Cards

Sitting in a pretty bowl at $1.00 each, I couldn't resist a few vintage Japanese post cards. I already have a few art projects in mind for these.

I especially like this folded post card of Heian Shrine in Kyoto.

Unknown Sakura Print "Thermos-Like" Thing

I can't discern what this contraption is. Does anyone have any ideas? I'd love to use it, whatever it is. I thought I'd found a pretty thermos for my tea, but it looks like I've spent $12.000 on a Mystery-Item.

Here's a close-up of the mysterious inscription on the back. This doesn't help me determine what this "Thermos-Like-Thing" really is.

Jacksonville Post Cards

I've lived in Jacksonville, Florida for over a decade, but I don't take time to research the region's past. These vintage-style Jacksonville Post Cards feature photographs of the city's landmarks from the 50s that I've never seen before. I thought I'd invest in these as a charming reminder of Jacksonville when I move. (Whenever that happens.)


Everyone needs a contraption with "O-" in the middle. I might dub this find my "Rocko's Modern Life Prop". Rocko (a wallaby) the protagonist of the Nicktoon Rocko's Modern Life lives in O-Town, which is owned by a Conglomerate aptly named Conglom-O. Many contraptions have the O-Matic added to the end. The most memorable is the Suck-O-Matic, The Most Helpfuleric Household Devise on the Face of the Earth. I'd go on about how the Suck-O-Matic is hilariously sentient and insane, but let's move on...

A little cleaning and oiling and the Ice-O-Mat will be back in service again. I couldn't resist staging the Ice-O-Mat with a vintage-fabric valance and vintage-looking thermos I found in the Antique Store.

Histories & Poems Shakespeare

I couldn't find a published date on this book, but it seems fairly old. $1.00 is a small price to pay for some good Shakespeare reading.

An "Easter Egg" in this book is the gorgeous vintage-looking owl label inside the book. Whoever wrote "Edward E. Gibbons" on the label has enviably florid baroque-like cursive handwriting.

A Few Magazines .50 each

I bought two 90s Era Better Homes and Gardens magazines that were full of fluff and useless. (I'll cut out some pictures of a kitchen with a kitty in it for inspiration, though). I did find an interesting science magazine with a story about mollusks that was well worth the .50 cents, however.

Rooster and Chicken Burger Press

I bought my mom a vintage "Burger Press" (Which I'd never heard of before) to add to her extensive Chicken Collection. No harm done at $1.00.

Looking back, Saturday provided a very fruitful journey through the antique store labyrinthine.

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