Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thrifty Fitness: The Last Chance Diet Book (1976)

I found The Last Chance Diet book a couple of months ago at The Thrift Center.

The first page of the book alone helped me with its valuable information. It told me this:

Call yourself anything you want. You know what you are.

It bothers you. It depresses you. And it should frighten you...
I read this page on Monday. I laughed; then I did 30 minutes of cardio. Project Organization 2010 is going very well, but I sacrificed exercise to make time to organize. This book reminded me that exercise must be squeezed in. There's no priority greater than your health.

I'll eventually read the whole book, but I won't take it seriously since it contained the words protein-sparing and fasting. I would never spare a vital nutrient. I would never fast. (It can kill you, read the Amazon comments for this book and this article). I just continue to do what I can; take small steps towards being healthier.

I pack a balanced lunch in small Bento Boxes (and Tiffins, occasionally) which help with portion control. I keep healthy snacks in my desk and keep processed food at a minimum. I eat fruits and vegetables daily. I did this all of last year- but now I'll add 30 minutes of cardio to the mix. I'm sure that a mere 30 minutes daily will make a huge difference after living a nearly sedentary life for years.


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    1. منصور We need to make a network of like-minded thrift fiends focused on fitness (TFFF? HA!) Motivation is so important, it's so hard to make lifestyle changes alone.

  2. We need to make a network of like-minded thrift fiends focused on fitness (TFFF? HA!) Motivation is so important, it's so hard to make lifestyle changes alone.

  3. You'd be surprised what just 30 minutes of cardio a day can do...even if it's just walking. I have had asthma my entire life, but after slowly introducing cardio into my life I have it MUCH more under control. There's nothing like knowing that, if I needed to run, I could run without it killing me.

  4. Very inspirational! Nice to know that this will in fact make a difference in the coming months. Slow, slow progress!


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